08 November 2022

10 Things to Do Before the Holiday Madness

Hey y'all,

It is crazy to think that in two weeks I will be packing up my car to head to my parent's house to spend Thanksgiving with my siblings and family. Before the holidays really go crazy, Kristin posed a question in her IG live yesterday - What are you doing over the next two weeks to prepare for the busy season? 

Here are my things:

  1. Drinking at least 75 oz of water a day. With the weather oscillating between the 50s and 80s here in NC my skin doesn't know what to do so staying hydrated is a must.
  2. Eat a veggie at 2/3 meals. I can get into a busy season and forget to add a healthy side to my meals so making sure I make a green smoothie or add cut-up veggies and ranch to the side.
  3. Book last-minute health appointments. I just finished booking therapy through the rest of the year and an imaging appointment recommended by my doctor. If I can find an eye doctor between now and December I will book that appointment as well. 
  4. Deep clean my apartment. I don't know about you but I like a few weeks of clean space before the holiday decor takes over. I have some kitchen and bathroom deep cleaning on my to-do list over the weekend before the tree goes up on November 19th.
  5. Sunday strolls. Calling a friend and going on a greenway or local trail here for a long walk on Sundays. This is so great for my mental health heading into the work week and a fun way to see friends that isn't over dinner.
  6. Book rest and hobby time. For me, I have some stitching (needlepoint and cross stitch) as well as library books on my bedside to read booked over the next few weeks. I might have also added some Hallmark movie premieres to my calendar so I know of a few nights where I will be home resting.
  7. Sleep. With Daylights Savings Time, I need to get back into a routine of going to bed on time and waking up so I can have more time to slowly get ready instead of rushing around.
  8. Finalize my Christmas list. With Christmas and my birthday almost a month apart this is my gifting season. Since gifts are one of my love languages I might start on my list pretty early usually but I just finished the first draft and sent it to my family so they can take part in some November sales.
  9. Car Wash. I don't know about you but I love a clean car. I just made a reminder to take my car to be washed and vacuumed the weekend before I head out of town. Any audiobook suggestions are welcome for my Thanksgiving drive in the freshly washed car.
  10. Listen to more financial podcasts. I have been very spendy this summer into fall and I want to reign in my spending so I have been listening to The Rachel Cruze Show, Smart Money Happy Hour, and the Contentment Challenge episodes of Nancy Ray's Work and Play so I am focusing on being more content, generous, and intentional with my money in a season with all the marketing for sales and stuff.

What are some of the things you are doing over the next few weeks to prepare for the holiday season?

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