21 January 2022

Friday Favorites {January 21}

It's FRIDAY! It actually snowed last night here in the Triangle and more snow is expected so I am cozy under my Saranoni blanket working from home. I luckily planned a very chill weekend of reading, crafting, cooking, meeting up with a friend for a bible study, and church so I am okay being trapped at home if necessary. Here are my current favorites:

Small-Group retreat.

Last Friday I headed to the mountains just west of Asheville for a weekend away with my small group. Unfortunately the snow/ice ended things early so we were only there for about 24 hours. However, we all had fun playing games, digging into the Word, cooking together, and resting from the week. We stayed here and it was perfect for the 12 of us on the trip. I was in one of the bunk room beds. At just about 4 hours away from the Triangle, it was a good drive away for a very quiet space.

The Food Hall in the S&W Building.


My dear friend (and sorority grand-little) Shelby was in town for a bit after Christmas. Shelby lives in Singapore teaching at a private school there. I hadn't seen her since January of 2020 when she was last stateside so I loved hosting her for an evening and then grabbing brunch at La Farm the next day. Shelby is back in Singapore and luckily traveled back safely without any quarantine needed. We are back to Facetiming through the 12/13 hour time difference.


My birthday is at the end of the month and when I saw this piece from Meghan Rosenthal I had to grab it. Meghan is a local artist based in Chapel Hill and a fellow Tar Heel. Meghan does ship for those of you outside of the Raleigh and Charlotte areas and I know she is working on her February collection and does commissions. The colors of this piece are so me and I am still debating if I should hang it in my living room or in my bedroom.

New Work Out Clothes.

I grabbed these sports bras, more of my favorite tees, and leggings, as well as this pair of sneakers in prep for the new year. I also signed back up for the Peloton app and I am trying to take a class every day - from stretching, barre, meditations, arm strength, etc. 

Great Vet Visit.

Last Friday was also the annual vet visit for Max. Unfortunately, he was car sick even during the short 10-minute drive so as soon as we got there we had to clean his little kennel and him. He got lots of love and attention from the vet and vet tech though and conned them into more treats. He is doing great and did so well for his shots and nail trim. 

Throwback Pictures. 

On Wednesday, my small group met for the first time this year (apart from our retreat) and after we all added our birthday's to the GroupMe calendar there was a fun request to pull out baby pictures. If you haven't shared childhood photos with a friend group, I highly recommend it. There were some fun glamour shots with the floral dress with white lace collar I think many of us had.

Other favorites:

Iced Passion Tea Lemonade made at home with this tea and crystal light lemonade.

Puzzles. We completed this one and this one while I was home over Christmas. During our small group retreat, the group completed the Tangled puzzle from this box.

The book club mug from Rifle Paper is back in stock and on my birthday wishlist.

One-pot Hamburger Helper perfect for the snow/ice we experienced this week.

The 20 min Disney Barre class on the Peloton app with Ally Love and the 10 minute Taylor Swift stretching class with Ben Alldis.

As usual, I am linking up with Andrea of Momfessionals and Erika of A Little Bit of Everything today.

What are your plans for this weekend?


  1. It sounds like you have a really great small group! I've really struggled to find that since moving to the Greenville, SC, area. I really like the church I've been attending but the only group they have for my age range is more like a youth group type setting. So anyone around my age is either married with kids or people in or right out of college. It's hard to find something when you're 30 and single :/

    The painting you got is really pretty! And that picture of you as a little kid is too cute! I was cleaning and organizing some things this past weekend and spent a good chunk of time going through all of my old childhood pictures.

    1. Finding a church and a small group is tough! This is my 4th group since I have been at my church in the last 10 years. Our group is mixed with some married women (some with kids and some without), a few engaged, and the rest single/dating. We range in age from 23-32. It is hard to find a good group when you are 30 and single - I am right there with you but I'm lucky to have these friends.

      Thank you about my painting and childhood photos. I love looking back at my old photos but home videos can be cringy to watch with my family.


Thank you for your sweet message!

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