06 January 2022

Currently {January 2022}

We are almost through the first work week of the year! This week has been a whirlwind at work and I know January will be a busy month at work along with some pretty packed weekends. 

I am linking up with Anne of In Residence for her monthly currently prompt. 
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anticipating. This is a busy month. I am excited for a long weekend away in the NC mountains with some of the women in my small group from church. I'm excited to learn more about the women in our group and to have some quiet time away. I'm also anticipating celebrating my birthday at the end of the month. Last year I just did a Zoom birthday gathering but I would love to hear ideas of how I should celebrate.

swooning over. This dress from Anthropologie caught my eye. While I am not sure it would work for the wedding I'm attending in May, I can't help but dream of twirling in the dress. Does anyone else love gowns but know they are not practical in their lives?

eating. Last week was filled with appetizers and salads while I settled back into my space after the holidays. This week I am keeping meals simple - hamburgers for dinner with frozen fries in the air fryer and spaghetti with caesar salad. 

drinking. Sparkling Grape juice. I don't know why but I still love the red Welch's sparkling grape juice, especially around the New Year. I decided to have a chill NYE and spent the day around the house. My friend Christie came over for some appetizers in the afternoon but I spent the evening eating appetizers, reading Growing Boldly, and sipping on sparkling grape juice in a champagne flute.

listening to. All the audiobooks. I got a subscription to Scribd in October and it has helped me listen to a lot more audiobooks. While I still check out books and audiobooks from the library, Scribd has a huge library of books and unlike Audible you are not restricted to one book a month. 

buying. I recently purchased a few more pairs of my favorite workout leggings, some new sports bras, and new sneakers to get motivated for my goal to walk more outside this month as well as get back in the gym and use the Peloton app for workouts.

making. I am working on finishing this cross-stitch piece from She Reads Truth. I'm hoping to finish it this weekend and get working on this Hamilton Schuyler Sister's piece.

organizing. I always take the week between Christmas and New Year to deep clean and organize so I can start fresh in the new year. I organized my closet and pantry last week and I'm excited about the fresh spaces.

reading. I have a list of books to read this month. I just finished Eight Perfect Hours and Immortal Angel this week:
  • Beartown - my book club's monthly pick
  • The Lies that Bind - the women of my mom's side of the family are starting a quarterly book club and this is the first pick.
  • Redeeming Love - My small group is planning to see the film adaptation and I need a refresher
  • Empire of Storms - The next installment of the Throne of Glass series for me
  • Rhythms of Renewal - This book sounds like the perfect start to the new year.
  • Good Apple - I have heard so many great things about Good Apple last year so it's at the top of the list.
  • Looking for Lovely - I love Annie F Downs and I have not read this book from her.
resolving. I am hoping to figure out a new morning and night-time routine. One of my monthly goals this month is to get back to a consistent bedtime and working through a night-time routine to wind down and read is so helpful. I would love any suggestions.

scheduling. All the workouts. Does anyone else love a plan? This month I am scheduling outdoor walks into my schedule along with some Zumba classes, Peloton barre, and pilates classes, as well as doing more stretch classes.

Any advice for my to-read list or suggestions for a nighttime routine?


  1. I LOVE that dress and now want an excuse to buy it and wear it somewhere. Gorgeous! Why do I always get so excited about organizing in January?!?!?!

  2. I love Zumba! I need to schedule some classes for myself soon! I have the Good Apple book and I have it in my soon TBR stack!


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