20 January 2022

Amazon Lately {Pt. 2 Beauty, Hobbies, Gifts, & Books}

Yesterday I shared the first half of my purchases from Amazon in 2021. This has been very eye opening to see what I purchased throughout the year and what categories do I often turn to Amazon for versus other retailers. Here are my purchases in the beauty, activities/hobbies, gifts, and book categories. 


  • Beauty Blender dupe. I grabbed this five pack when it was on a great sale. I am very lazy about washing my makeup sponges so having a low cost option is best for me and for 5 sponges for less than $10 vs. $20 for a beauty blender this was a great choice.
  • EltaMD sunscreen - I have this sunscreen on subscribe and save. It is perfect for my sensitive skin and it is the perfect layer before I add any makeup. I try to put it on every day even if I don't plan to be outside. 
  • Briotech Topical Spray. My dermatologist reccomended this spray to use when I get home and take of my mask to help with potential maskne.



  • Gift Cards - I purchased some Amazon specific gift cards as well as some Starbucks gift cards.
  • Wipes Dispenser - for a new little one upon their arrival.
  • Dutch Blitz - my little sister requested this card game for Christmas. I actually got this for Christmas back in 2020.
  • Midliner Double Ended Highlighter - gifted to a sweet friend for her birthday along with a bible study. I have these highlighters and love using them in my quiet time or bible studies.
  • Hand Towels - my older sister requested some hand towels for Christmas and she has some sage towels already. 

  • Mint Julep Jazz Band's Battle Axe CD - my brother swing dances with a group in Ohio and his Christmas list was filled with various CDs from different jazz bands. I actually grabbed a different Mint Julep Jazz Band CD for him last year so it was fitting to grab this one.


The funny part of doing this post is recognizing all the books I purchased last year that I still have yet to read! I bolded those I did read last year but it looks like I have a lot more reading to do this year before I should purchase any other books from Amazon.

Do you have a go to category for Amazon purchases? 
What book should I read next?

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  1. Makeup sponges are kind of a pain to clean. I was using some cheap sponges I got from e.l.f. and then finally switched to using a brush to apply foundation as it's a lot easier to clean! And I got the Honest mascara recently but haven't tried it yet. I've heard a lot of good things about it!


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