19 January 2022

Amazon Lately {Pt. 1: Pet, Misc., Home, & Clothing}

I looked back and the last time I posted an Amazon lately it was back in January 2020 a time before the world broke with this pandemic. I decided to go ahead and share what I purchased over the last year from Amazon and break it down into categories. Some of these items I use on a regular basis while a few were influencer purchases. I even have so much to share that I decided to break this up into two posts. Also, I am not including any time I had groceries delivered through WholeFoods or AmazonFresh.


Simplified by Emily Ley At-a-Glance planner. I love the weekly Simplified planners and have been using them for years. However, with the new collaboration with At-A-Glance I was able to snag this one for under $20. For the calendar year, this cover of Hydrangeas is gorgeous.


I will say, I ordered more clothes than this list but I returned a lot. I am very picky about fast fashion and a lot was not worth it in my opinion. Here is what I have kept.

  • Leather Apple Watch Band. I have sensitive skin so most Fitbit/Apple Watch bands will give me an allergic rash. I have found this band works well and I actually just repurchased it.
  • Lounge pants. These are my go-to after-work pants when you are lounging on the couch with no place to go.
  • Teva Sandals. I grabbed these as water shoes to go tubing on the Cape Fear River this summer with my small group. 
  • Short Sleeve Dress. I have gotten so many compliments on this dress. Perfect for the Fall and Holiday parties. 

  • KN95 masks. I grabbed these specifically before my trip to CA in October but I am lucky to still have a few leftover that I keep in my car as emergency mask options if I forget one. 
  • Jean Jacket. The softest jean jacket that is perfect for every outfit and under $40. 


Cat Food. My cat, Max, is very picky about his food since he has some digestion issues. I grab it on Amazon if I can't grab it locally or through Chewy.


  • Stasher bags. I try to keep my single-use plastic bags to a minimum so I am slowly growing my Stasher bag collection. They were on a lightning deal so I grabbed this set. I especially love that Stasher bags can go right into the dishwasher. My little sister has a set from another brand that is handwash only and I don't have the patience for that.
  • Nail Polish Organizer. This was the year of Olive and June nail polish. I started with the Spring collection then became obsessed. I grabbed this organizer to display the polish on my dresser. Also, if you want to try O&J, here is my link where you get 20% of any of their systems and I will receive a free polish. I have a feeling the Spring collection will be out in the next month or so.
  • Amazon Basics D batteries. I am a lazy cat parent and Max has an automatic feeder. It takes 4 D batteries so I try to have these on hand so my cat never needs to wake me at 5 am for his breakfast.
  • FlyPunch. This year was really bad for fruit flies so I grabbed this solution. You open the bottle and wait for the flies to flock to the punch.
  • Hatch Restore. This is my favorite alarm. It took a while to get everything situated since there are so many options but I love the feature that slowly wakes me up with light beginning 30 mins before my alarms.
  • Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager. I grabbed this after a few days of really bad back pain. I love that it heats up and it even has an adapter that makes it easy to travel with.
I'll share my beauty, books, gifts, and hobby purchases tomorrow.

What has been your favorite Amazon purchase from the last year?


  1. I'm with you on the Amazon clothes! So many items look great online but once I receive them the quality is not that good. I've gotten to the point where I won't buy anything unless there are a lot of reviews and pictures so I can see what other people think about the item! Fortunately returning items with Amazon is super easy!

    I'll have to check out those joggers! I've heard a lot of positives about the Colorfulkoala brand.

    I clothing items I ordered and really liked were the VINTATRE Women Kimono Lightweight Bathrobe in Dark Green, the Naggoo A Line Button Front Midi Skirt and the Naggoo Summer Beach Skirt for Women Elastic High Waist Pleated Flared Midi Skirts with Pockets in Green and some sandals (the CUSHIONAIRE Women's Luna Cork Footbed Sandal in nappa brown)

    1. Yes, even with reviews they are hit or miss for me. I didn't love the Colorfulkoala leggings but I love the joggers.
      I will have to check out your list of items.


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