03 January 2022

2022 Goals - A Year of Self-Caring

As we move into 2022 I decided I wanted this next year to be a year of self-caring. After years of the pandemic filled with anxiety and surviving I want to spend this year really focusing on myself in a variety of areas - mental, emotional, and physical health.  

I looked through different self-care sheets and even bought this checklist printable from Etsy. I decided the easiest thing for 2022 is to break down self-caring into 12 categories. While I want to work on my overall health each month, I decided I can dig into each category for one month and take the habits forward. I have already determined that January will be the month I really want to get my sleep in line since I know sleep impacts so much and would be the best habit to begin my habit stack. 

So grab a drink and a snack and enjoy reading my goals:


    • Explore Chicago in May - I am attending a wedding in the Windy City in May so I am starting to plan what I want to explore while I am in town. I have been to Chicago a few times so it will be fun to find something new to see.
    • Book a beach week or weekend - focus completely on rest and relaxation.
    • Plan another weekend with my college besties
    • Go to the mountains with my bible study for a Small Group Retreat
    • Take day trips around North Carolina

Clean Space

    • Follow a cleaning routine like this one from Clean Mama
    • Maintain a clean sink when I go to bed
    • Establish a laundry day - Friday and complete all the steps that day - wash, fold, putaway
    • Take recycling to the convenience center weekly
    • Schedule a deep clean at least twice a year


    • Get into a nighttime routine of lights out by 11pm.
    • Shut down electronics at 10 pm.
    • Use sleep gummies if needed.


    • Pay off my remaining debt
      • I have two credit cards left to pay off.
    • Start a giving savings account. While I tithe to my church and give to a few charities I would like to create an account where I designate money throughout the year that I can bless others or organizations as items come up.
    • No-Spend Month
    • Fully funded emergency fund
    • Create a Christmas savings account to save throughout the year

Body - take better care of my hair, skin, and nails

    • Find a hairstylist in the Triangle. Go every 3-4 months.
    • Upgrade shampoo
    • Syle my hair at least twice a week.
    • Clean out my products - minimize to only the favorites and necessary.
    • Put on lotion after I shower.
    • Schedule my yearly dermatologist skin check
    • Put on sunscreen daily
    • Drink at least 80 oz of water a day


    • Practice Sabbath on Sunday
      • Stay off my phone.
      • Listen or read a Christian book each Sunday
      • Color or craft on Sundays
      • No housework or work 
    • Spend intentional time in prayer daily
    • Use my Write the Word Journals and The Daily Grace Co Studies in quiet time
    • Complete the Grace, Not Perfection study with Traci
    • Prepare weekly for small group
    • Text friends weekly for prayer requests
    • Meet up with a member of my small group monthly to get to know them more.

Be Intentional With My Style


    • Continue to read more about intuitive eating by finishing Intuitive Eating.
    • Try a new recipe every month and use the meal plans from Elyse Ellis and my cookbooks to meal plan.
    • work with my dietitian for a healthy balance
    • Plan more dinners at home with friends to try new recipes 


    • Move for at least 15 mins a day - Peloton app classes, walks, classes at the YMCA
    • Continue to plan and attend classes at the YMCA with friends. My friend Brianna and I tend to go to the Tuesday night Zumba class and I met up with friends to walk the indoor track.
    • Complete a Peloton challenge - beginner strength, intro to boxing, beginner yoga, or crush your core with Emma with friends
    • Get back to swimming laps - I grew up a competitive swimmer and would love to get back to swimming at least once a week.

Get outside

    • Plan outside events with friends - walks, visit gardens, porch dining, picnics, etc.
    • Update my porch
    • Go to the nursery - plants for my home and porch
    • Try to get outside for at least 15 mins a day - walk, swim, sit, eat dinner, read.


    • Read/listen to at least 100 books
    • Focus on reading at least 15 non-fiction books
    • Continue to include more diverse authors and characters to my reading life
    • Enjoy year 9 of my book club
    • Start a quarterly book club with the women of my family - mom, sisters, aunts, and cousins


    • Complete 3 cross-stitch projects 
    • Complete 2 embroidery projects
    • Go to a class at the local nursery for a floral arrangement class
    • Set aside intentional time to blog every week
    • Try at least one new hobby

What are some of your goals this year? Do you focus on a word or phrase of the year?

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