10 August 2021

Currently {August}

It has been months and months since I linked up with Anne of Anne in Residence for her monthly currently post but here are a few things I am admiring, anticipating, enjoying, spending, and saving this month.


All the sweet back-to-school photos and back-to-school traditions. While I have not been in school since May 2012 and have no littles of my own, I love all the joy and fresh starts a school year brings. My favorite back-to-school tradition was my Mom would make us worms in dirt as the after-school snack for our first day of school. We never ate worms and dirt the rest of the year, just the first day (and sometimes there were leftovers for day 2) of school. 


Vacations. I am headed to the West Coast to visit with my Mom's family in late September. There are five mini cousins I need to meet since I have not been out west since October 2018 (we were supposed to visit in November 2020). I am also planning a trip to the NC mountains in early November for a girl's weekend with two of my best friends!
This is the three of us when we hosted a spaced theme dinner in May once we were all fully vaccinated and didn't need to keep space between us! This fall will mark 13 years of friendship. 


sweet tea from Chick-Fil-A. Also, if you didn't know you can purchase a 5lb bag of CFA ice for under $2.

Olive and June polish. I am currently wearing Honest and True.

swimming in my parent's pool.

Sharon Says So podcast. I am very excited for this week's episode on why Texas cannot secede from the US.

All the sandwiches since turning on an oven isn't happening.

Fresh pens. I told you I love back to school season. I did grab some new flair pens for my Write the Word journals and some new inkjoy pens for my planner.


I spent a lot of time watching the Olympics the last two weeks. My bedtime needs to get under control after all the midnight nights watching late-night coverage.

I have also been trying to limit my superfluous spending but I did buy paint to paint my nightstand and desk a beautiful navy color. Since I rarely go to Lowe's and I needed to go for a gift, it made sense to grab the paint then finally. It will be a September goal to paint everything.


All the recipes from Elyse Ellis of Macro Friendly Food! I follow her on Instagram and I am signed up for her monthly meal plan. The next two recipes I want to try are actually just on her Instagram feed, with these No Bake S'mores bars and I think I need to invite friends over for brunch so I can make the Protein Creme Brulee French Toast Bake. 

What is your August looking like?

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