03 August 2021

August Goals

 Hey y'all,

I have drafted a ton of posts but actually publishing them has not happened since January so if you stuck around, thanks you. The last year was hard and for someone who loves to socialize and plan for the future, it was filled with lessons on God's provision and timing. I am glad I am healthy and can now see small groups of friends again. 

I am also trying to be gentle with myself as we slowly return to "normal" with gentle August goals. 


I returned to the Barre3 Chapel Hill studio about a month and a half ago and I would like to keep up with at least one class a week. 

I also joined the YMCA since I have a few friends who are members so I have built-in gym buddies. I have gone a few times a week to just walk (since it is a million degrees right now) and started taking classes. My goal is to go to the Y at least 3 times a week. 


No random spending. I am great about making a budget but following through is harder. Two of my best friends are getting weekly texts this month about if I did unnecessary spending. So far, on day three of the month I have only spent money on gas, groceries, bills, and my bestie's birthday gift (planned spend).


Get to bed by 11pm. I have been terrible about bedtime the last year especially with working from home. I am now in the office twice a week and would love to work out the other mornings. Also, the Olympics are killing any hope for me to go to bed at a reasonable time. So I am making an effort for lights out to be 11 pm.

Mental health.

I have gained weight over the last two years and for my mental health, I went through my closet and I am getting rid of everything that does not fit now. I am not holding onto the "one-day" things. I want my closet to be filled with things that fit and I feel good in. I do not want to continue to see items and think about what my body looked like in the past. 

I am slowly posting things on Poshmark with the goal for everything to be up by the end of the month. If things don't sell by the end of November the items will go on Facebook or ThredUp.


Finish 3 audiobooks and 5 physical books. Now that I am driving a bit more I am listening to more audiobooks. I am currently listening to Cameron Eubanks Wimberly's book, One Day You'll Thank Me. I just started the physical book, Life's Too Short, by Abby Jimenez. I am also finishing up Jen Wilkin's Ten Words to Live By: Delighting in and Doing What God Commands with a group of women from my church. 

What are some of your goals for August?

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