22 January 2021

Five on Friday {January 22}

I felt like this week flew by but I think that was mainly because I went back to my office on Tuesday to work on a project digitizing files. Our company has not returned back so I have seen at most four people in a day but it has been nice to slowly ease myself back to an office routine. That has meant that I come home and have had to do all the chores and things I have squeezed into a break like a load of dishes or laundry but it has been nice to see my office. Here are a few things I have loved this week.

one. The inauguration. 

No matter your political affiliation, the inauguration was a very important event this week and in the history of the United States. I thought throughout the event, if I have children and they have to do a history project, I can answer questions of how I felt to watch the first female VP be sworn into office. I teared up a few times during the ceremony, especially during  Amanda Gorman's poem.

two. New Morning Mercies.

I have been reading Paul David Tripp's devotional, New Morning Mercies, and Wednesday's entry on hope was very timely for the inauguration and for the new year. We were all created to hope but our hope is not in the world, it is a person, Jesus. 

three. Peloton Wicked Week.

This week, Peloton is back to their broadway series with Wicked. Wicked is my all-time favorite musical so I am so excited to take the run, yoga, and strength classes. I took the 30 min cycling class last night with a friend. I did belt out the songs while riding so I got a bit breathless during the middle of class. You can try the Peloton app out for free for 2 months right now. I use the app and then have a Sunny bike for the cycling classes. I streamed class last night on my FireTv.

four. Aldi flowers. 

On Sunday after I got the all-clear that I just had a cold and not COVID I swung by Aldi for a few groceries and picked myself two of the $3.99 bouquets. I put them together in a mason jar and they have been a bright spot every morning while I packed my lunch. 

five. The That Sounds Fun Podcast with Annie F Downs and guest Kendra Adachi. 

I would say the last half is very powerful about bodies but it was a great podcast to remember what is important to you. If getting a homecooked dinner is important to you then you should work on becoming a genius at that but it does mean you should be lazy about something else, maybe you outsource the actual grocery shopping. 

on the blog this week.

I shared my meal plan as well as what I streamed on TV last year this week. Next week I am going to share my favorite reads from the Fall!

My plans for the weekend.

I have a lunch planned with a friend on Saturday. Streaming church. Deep cleaning my place. Wicked Yoga on the Peloton app. Watching Newsies and lunch with a friend on Sunday. Barre3. Matchless bible study homework. Reading the Duke and I (Bridgerton #1).

As usual, I am linking up with Andrea of Momfessionals and Erika of A Little Bit of Everything today.

What are your plans for this weekend?


  1. That's a very timely devotional! I'll have to check out that book. I typically just read through random devotionals on the Bible app. And your flowers are so pretty!

  2. Love all your favorites! I could not agree more with you than about the inauguration... yes!!! Amanda Gorman was phenomenal. I was thinking of gifting flowers to friends for Vday so I am so glad you mentioned Aldi. It sounds like you are going to have an awesome weekend! Enjoy it!!


Thank you for your sweet message!

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