15 January 2021

Five on Friday {January 15}

We have made it through the first two weeks of 2021! I felt like 2020 was both the fastest and slowest year. I am really trying to focus on my habits this month and thinking through my routines. This could be my daily quiet time, my cleaning routine, as well as my health. 

This week has been interesting as I am fighting what appears to be a cold but I am waiting on my PCR test to confirm I am negative for COVID. Because of that, this week has been spent in my apartment as I don't even want to walk in my apartment complex and get too close to anyone. 

So while I have been drinking all the orange juice here are five things I have loved this week. 

one. puzzles.

I asked for puzzles for Christmas. I received this Thomas Kincaid one and after attempting to start it, and being frustrated by the amount of blue, the sky, water, etc, I put it away for a bit and started on this puzzle I found at Target. It has been a fun brain break to go work for 5 mins during the workday or at lunch. I think I will finish it up this weekend. 

two. routines.

One thing I have examined this month is my routines. I have decided to declare Friday night as pizza night. This has helped to simplify meal planning a bit and is a fun mini celebration at the end of the week. I think eventually I might order Blaze or Mod pizza to deliver but for now, I stocked my freezer with some frozen GF options. I have enjoyed the Freshetta, Cappello's, and Sabatasso's (at Costco) options.
I am also trying to really rest and take a full Sabbath on Sundays. I set my phone's screen time limit so I have very limited access on Sundays until 5 pm. I have enjoyed the quieter, slower days to really rest on God's faithfulness and provision. 

three. Laura Cox Collection.

Before I started the Contentment Challenge on Sunday, I ordered a grab bag from one of my favorite small businesses, Laura Cox Collection. On NYE, Laura ran one of her annual grab bags. You pay $45 and receive four items. I received a bracelet set and three pairs of earrings. While the yellow pair are outside my comfort zone, I think they would be fun to rock on a beach trip, you know, when those are a thing again. She currently has a curated box of some of her best-sellers that I have my eye on when my discretionary spending freeze is over.

four. Matchless.

My small group is going through this Angie Smith study on the life of Jesus for the next eight weeks. Last night was our first meeting to chat about the introduction and the video. It was such an amazing discussion and I have so many notes from the other women's perspectives. 

five. Castle.

I received seasons 4-8 of Castle on DVD for Christmas. I loved the show when it was on air but I don't remember finishing it. I started season one last week and I am almost done with season two. It has been a great show to watch in the evenings when doing the dishes or other house chores.

Plans this weekend.

Well, I am waiting back on a COVID test to see if I have just a mild cold. Before that, I had plans to meet a friend to watch Disney's On Pointe. It's a docuseries about the School of American Ballet in New York.

Since that is on hold, I will be finishing my book club book, watching church online, working out with Barre3 Chapel Hill via Zoom, painting my nails, attending our book club Zoom on Sunday, meal planning, and blogging.

On the blog this week

I did a re-introduction post as well as some of what I am currently reading, watching, and wondering.

As usual, I am linking up with Andrea of Momfessionals and Erika of A Little Bit of Everything today.

What are your plans for this weekend?


  1. Sending positive thoughts that it is not COVID. I loved On Pointe. I was cheering for them and I cried (maybe I was hormonal) 🤣 but it just shows how hard a dancer life can be and the sacrifices families make. Hope you get to watch soon!

    1. Thank you! I got the official negative test results on Saturday. I cried through On Pointe in December but my friend doesn't have Disney+ so we are going to binge together.

  2. Get well soon!
    Those Thomas Kinkade puzzles will make me angrier than anything! They sure are pretty though. Great idea setting your phone up to limit your screen time. I was just thinking I need to get some better self control, but maybe I just need to set some timers.
    And I LOVED Castle, it was so great! I would love to rewatch.

    1. Yes, TK puzzles are so difficult. I have no self control so the screen time limits have been helpful.

  3. Hope you feel better and have a negative COVID test. I need some new puzzles and that Disney princess one looks fun! We have homemade pizza night every Friday. It's quick and easy! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! I got a negative test result on Saturday! It was a fun puzzle and I finished it off on Sunday night. I love homemade pizza. Going GF has changed up making my own dough but I have looked at a few recipes.

  4. The picture on that puzzle is pretty but that would drive me insane dealing with that much blue and white! My family really likes the White Mountain brand of puzzles. They're fun because they are usually a bunch of small pictures within a bigger picture.

    I do tacos every Friday night and it really does make meal planning so much easier when I have one night a week that I don't have to think about. And even though I've been making tacos almost every Friday for a couple of years now, I still look forward to it!

    And I really like Castle too! I watched it when it was on as well and was taping reruns but I haven't checked it in a while. I'm going to have to see if reruns are on still!


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