Five on Friday {July 17}

Hey y'all,

I really thought I would get more blogging in this month but the first week of July I was covering a coworker while they were on vacation which was a very hectic week and then I went and visited my parents Saturday - Tuesday of this week. This weekend I have zero plans so I will be hanging out, reading, attending church online, and taking some Barre3 classes via Zoom. 

Peloton sleep meditations.

I typically fall asleep to music on a sleep setting on my clock radio but since I now have the Peloton App I have been listening to the sleep meditations a lot. I often fall asleep before the meditation ends and they are usually 5-10 minutes long.

Apple Watch Series 3

This week I received the Apple Watch I grabbed from Amazon. I have had a Fitbit Flex (1st generation) since Christmas 2014. I actually became allergic to the Fitbit bands when I changed the band the first time and switched over to a Tory Burch leather wrap bracelet band. After years and years, it was time to upgrade (and actually see my steps, not just dots representing 2,000 steps). 

Library - Books to Go

My library started back by letting people pick up holds! I love having access to the physical copies of books again. We receive an email when are holds are available to schedule an appointment, you drive to the library, and pick up a bag on a table outside with your name. 

Trader Joe's Flowers

I finally went to Trader Joe's for the first time since February and of course, I picked up some flowers to brighten up my home. 

Orange sorbet with dark chocolate.

I am still really limiting dairy and gluten. I had a few dairy and gluten items in early July and my stomach was not having it. My most recent decadent treat has been orange sorbet from Aldi with some Enjoy Life dark chocolate chips. 

Other favorites:

  • seeing my parents for the weekend
  • getting my hair cut for the first time since September
  • fresh peaches - I love peach season
  • Hamilton - I have watched it three times so far on Disney+ (with a friend on the 4th, with my parents, and with my friend who I saw it with live in Chicago back in 2018)
  • lake pajamas - I am loving both of my sets, I have a short-short set and then a bundle with a short top and both long pants and shorts.
  • sonic strawberry limeade

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What are your plans for the weekend?



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  2. Those Trader Joe flowers are beautiful! I need a meditation app! I have a terrible time falling asleep and staying a sleep. I'm so excited that our library is back open too!


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