31 July 2020

Five {Eight} on Friday {July 31}

Hey y'all,

I seriously cannot believe that tomorrow is August! July flew by between a busy work schedule, visiting my parents, celebrating friends, and day to day life. Here are some of my favorites for the last two weeks:

Sermon on the Mount.

My church's women's discipleship group studied Hebrews in the Spring. My group decided to continue meeting this summer and picked Jen Wilkin's Sermon on the Mount study. The Lifeway podcast, Marked, has all the audio sessions available right now so it was an easy one to do. We would meet on Thursday nights to discuss the week's study then we would list to the podcasts as part of our homework. If you want to get together with friends I would recommend any of Jen Wilkin's studies (this is my 4th one).

Suprise Birthdays.

My sweet friend Jordan's birthday was Monday. Together with our friend, Traci, we planned a surprise for Jordan on Monday. We grabbed some of her favorite things (I have a list of her favorites thanks to Kristin and the best friend quiz which I shared back in January) and made a gift basket then texted her at 9:30 am that I needed help with her "little gift."
This was the basket before Traci added her additions. 
My favorite thing I added was this Harry Potter Tervis tumbler I found at Home Goods!

Simplified Planner.

This week started the 20-21 Academic Simplified Planner. This is my fifth Simplified planner and I love them. I picked the Blue Trellis Weekly planner since I use my planner for social events, to-do lists, etc. My work calendar stays in my Outlook calendar and I just add highlights to my Simplified Planner such as work lunches, interviews, etc. 

At Home Mani-Pedi.

I have loved nail polish for years and had a large collection in college. This week I painted my nails after a bit of a break and I feel more put together. I used this Butter London Slapper color on my nails with a coat of Henley Regatta glitter and then this Sally Hansen Dark Hue-mor color for my toes. 

Lake Pajamas.

The Lake pajamas summer sale was this week and I picked up one set. Unfortunately, the set I had my eye on tank-long in Marine to mix and match with my short-short set was sold out in my size. I grabbed the short-long set (this link is for the short-tall set) in Lavender. Since mine already shipped and arrived on Thursday, I am currently wearing my new set since it is 8:00 PM on Friday and I am just getting around to posting.

Lemonade Chats.

I am slowly meeting with a few friends one on one. Last week I had dinner at a friend's house where I brought my dinner and we socially distanced while we chatted for 3+ hours. Another night, I grabbed some Chick-Fil-A lemonade and met a friend to chat while her little finished up their dinner before she went and but them down for bed. 

Saranoni Grab Bag.

I discovered Saranoni blankets thanks to Andrea and grabbed my first one during Prime Day last year. When they had their annual grab bag sale last week (where you receive two blankets for just over the price of one) I snapped up an XL patterned lush bag. I received two beautiful blankets - this ballet slippers pink one and this feather grey one. Now can it be Fall so I can feel cozy under a blanket?

Dressing Up for Work.

Over the last two weeks, I challenged myself to actually get dressed for work even though I don't have a lot of video calls. I still am team leggings and a sweatshirt on Friday but it has been helpful to feel a bit normal again in my work clothes.
top: LOFT (old, similar) / cardigan: LOFT Outlet (old, similar)/jeans: Old Navy/earrings: Brosway Italia (old, similar)/blue light blocking glasses: Amazon/ ring: Go Ring

I hope all of y'all are safe from both COVID and this hurricane headed for the South this weekend.

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What was one thing you loved this week?



  1. I enjoyed reading your Friday Favorites. I like the planner and the pretty nail polish. I like the work outfit too.
    Thanks for the blog visit and have a nice weekend!

  2. I'm super excited about this BFF quiz you sent!! What a fun way to gather some great data on your friends.

  3. You are speaking my love language with that blue trellis Simplified Planner -- so cute and useful! Hope you have a great weekend, Jess :)

  4. Everyone is talking about those Lake Pajamas! I love the special birthday surprise! I can't believe July is over... where did it go?


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