10 June 2020

Happy Birthday, Max!

Hey y'all,

Today my cat, Max, turns eight years old. It is crazy that he has been in my family for almost all of my postgrad life. Last year I posted some of Max's favorite toys and treats so this year I thought I would just share eight photos of the little guy this year. Max is very vocal when I interrupt his nap, don't give him his special dinner of wet food on time on Saturdays (3 pm), and when I have the audacity to leave him to go to work - you know, back when I left my house for 8+ hours during the week.
He requires some cuddles in the morning.
You can sometimes catch him just lounging around.
He is great at social distancing.
I might have way to many photos of him sleeping on my phone.
When I first started working at home in March he always needed to be involved in the workday.
He has been a great accountability buddy for my Barre3 workouts especially when we use sliders. 
He sometimes tries to be a bookmark while I am still reading the page.
He is a big fan of always touching someone no matter where he is sitting.

Essentially, he is the best little guy and I hope to have at least eight more years with him!


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Great shots! My sister's orange and white kitty, Cooper, just turned 8 too! Hope you gave him a nice treat for his special day!


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