27 May 2020

What's Up Wednesday {May}

Hey y'all,

It feels like summer now that Memorial Day has passed. I am in disbelief that we are already to summer vacations, pool days, and cookouts. While those will all look a little different this year, my community pool opens this week, summer storms are expected here in NC today, and I am looking for a week in the calendar to take a staycation where I stay home read, make delicious food, and go on walks. Since it is the final Wednesday of the month, I am linking up with Shay to share What's Up.

What I'm Eating This Week:

With the holiday weekend and feeling done about meal prep and planning, I am taking it easy this week. 

Lunch: Chicken Caesar Salad
Dinner: cheese, turkey, and crackers (I like the Simple Mills sea salt crackers)

Lunch: Turkey and Cheese on homemade bread (I used this mix). Veggie Straws. Mandarin Orange
Dinner: Chicken Tequila Lime Sausage (from Aldi) with veggies and potato salad

Lunch: Chicken Caesar Salad
Dinner: Chicken Tequila Lime Sausage with veggies and fries

Lunch: Turkey and Cheese sandwich. Veggie Straws. Mandarin Orange
Dinner: Chicken Tequila Lime Sausage with veggies and potato salad

Lunch: Hamburger. Potato Salad. Fruit Salad.
Dinner: Out

Lunch: Brunch - eggs, sausage, blueberry waffle
Dinner: Hamburger. Potato Salad. Fruit Salad.

What I'm Reminiscing About

This week marks the three year aniversary of my bestie's wedding. I can't believe it has been that long since I was up in Chicago for her bachelorette and ceremony. She now lives on the West Coast for her residency and I am hoping to see her in November. 
After the ceremony with her little sisters
At the reception with the beautiful bride.

What I'm Loving

I have been trying to focus on rest and contentment during this season when I am spending a lot of time in my home without a packed calendar. I have loved finding different ways to organize what I already have, cleaning out spaces, and using up what I already had in my home.

What I've Been Up To

This weekend was productive as I was able to deep clean my freezer, fridge and pantry to make it more functional. Other than that, I have been working, reading, working out, and calling my friends and family.

What I'm Dreading

I am already working from home all of June according to the co-owners of my company so I am only dreading if this continues on through July. I have been home working since March 15th and would love to see other humans on a regular basis again.

What I'm Working On

I received this recipe binder at Christmas and I have been working on going through my Pinterest boards, recipe cards, and magazines to compile all my recipes in one place. I am also taking inspiration from Kate at Naptime Kitchen and Emily from Em for Marvelous' meal planning tips.

What I'm Excited About

I just started the God of Creation study on Genesis by Jen Wilkin for my personal study last week. I have really enjoyed it. My women's discipleship group from church will begin the Sermon on the Mount study next Thursday.

What I'm Watching/Reading

I've been watching Elementary and Great on Hulu but that is about it. I did record ESPN's docuseries The Last Dance that I might watch this weekend.
The Last Dance had many stars beyond Michael Jordan - Sports ...
For reading, I am currently reading the second book in the Bareknuckle Bastards series called Brazen and the Beast. I will post my May reads next week.

What I'm Listening To

I haven't been listening to much over here. I used to listed to audiobooks in the car on my commute and podcasts all the time. 
I have listened to the I Do Declare podcast for book recommendations and the But Not All At Once royal episode. 
I started Open Book by Jessica Simpson on audible but I have not gotten very far into it yet. 

What I'm Wearing

I have been living in Zella leggings, t-shirts, and sweatshirts over the last few months. I am loving the "Homebody Forever" and Simplified sweatshirts I grabbed last month.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

My weekend plans consist of a few Zoom workouts with Barre3 Chapel Hill, grocery shopping, chatting with friends via FaceTime, a prayer time Zoom with other Kids leaders, church, Book Club Skype on Sunday, and I am sure some laundry.

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

I am looking forward to see how NC does in Phase 2 and what that means for getting back to some normalcy. I am not probably sitting in a restaurant for a few more weeks but I am glad to see more businesses are back in action. 

What Else is New

I have been dealing with some stomach issues so next month I will be going completely dairy and gluten free to see if that is the culprit. If not, I will probably have to go on a low FODMAP or other elimination diet to see what is causing the problem. I have made my monthly meal plan and we shall see how it all goes.

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  1. So fun! I have been feeling all the feels about being home the past two months. My job ends next week and I have no other plans which I am freaking out about. I am trying to be mindful during this time to appreciate the slowness of it all!


  2. I have finally eased back into the office after being home as well since about March 15th. I miss people but there really are not that many back at the office at all. We are in Phase 3 of opening and I'm headed to get my hair done today so I'm super excited about that!!

  3. I've been needing to clean out our fridge forever and I think it's finally happening tonight. Whooo hooo!!! Also, I'm really hoping our community pool opens up this summer. It will definitely be a harder summer if it's closed...

  4. I love Elementary too! Good luck with the dairy and gluten free diet - hope that it works for you!

  5. Yuuummmm... chicken cesar salad is the best! Hope you get to see your friend soon. I'm planning a trip to see my family (they live in a different state) at the end of June!


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