04 May 2020

May Goals & Meal Plan Monday

Hey y'all,

I cannot believe it is May! April was a long week and as of right now, my work has announced that we will continue to work from home until June 1st. I am so ready to go hug some friends but also very thankful for my health, my job, and my community who have been so supportive in reaching out through this time.

Here are my goals for May:

  • 30 mins of intentional movement every day. My stationary bike arrives this week so I'm excited to add back cycling to my routine. I have been nejoying walks, Barre3, Peloton's cardio dance classes, and beginner ballet YouTube videos
  • continue to use up items. This was a goal from last month and I have been able to use up candles, some baking items, and beauty items. I hope to continue to use up some things like bubble bath, face masks, and travel toothpaste.
  • stick to my monthly meal plan. I went ahead and wrote out a meal plan for May in my monthly spread.
  • Put my phone away at 9:30 pm. This will help me get back into a normal sleep routine.
  • Read 5 books. I only read 4 in April (one was 700+ pages) and tried a few but put them down. I hope to get back into a reading routine again in May.
  • Finish my recipe binder. I received a recipe binder for Christmas and I just started to actually write out some of my favorite recipes from online into the binder. My goal this month is to go through my Pinterest boards and recipe cards to finish the binder with my favorite recipes.
Since I live alone and grew up learning to cook for a family of six I tend to make 1-2 meals for the week and then alternate them as leftovers. Below is my lunch and dinner plan. For breakfast I will probably just make some smoothies to get in some veggies and fruits during this time. Here's this week's meal plan. I'll provide links to recipes if available:

L- blackened chicken cobb salad
D - burrito bowl with this taco meat

Tuesday - Cinco de Mayo!
L - turkey sandwich. white cheddar Cheetos.
D- tacos. 

L - turkey sandwich. veggie straws.
D - cowboy turkey burger. fries. side salad.

L - turkey sandwich. white cheddar Cheetos.
D - burrito bowl

L - turkey or PB & J sandwich. veggie straws.
D - cowboy turkey burger. fries. side salad.

L - taco salad
D - cowboy turkey burger. fries. side salad.

L - pancakes or waffles. bacon. eggs.
D - chicken cordon bleu. green beans. garlic quinoa or saffron rice.



  1. I think these are excellent goals, and I might borrow a couple you've listed! Using up what you have a is great way to save money and I am definitely going to look through what I have to use up.

  2. I love the meal plan that you have! We also haven't been told when we're going back to work, but some have said it may be August or September! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. May is going to be a great month! The sun is shining! The meals are your meal plan sounds super yummy. I tend to do the same thing with cooking once or twice a week and alternating the left over. Not sure if my husband likes it, but...

  4. These are great goals! I totally know what you mean about using stuff up! It's so easy to just buy a new candle or makeup item and not ever use up what I already own. I did a makeup subscription for a while and finally had to stop because I just ended up with a bunch of makeup items that I didn't really like but felt like I had to use up so I wasn't wasting my money.

  5. I have been loving Peloton's dance cardio classes, too! So fun!


Thank you for your sweet message!

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