29 May 2020

Friday Favorites {May 29}

Hey y'all,

This hot humid day has really reminded me that we are finally at NC summertime. This week even though it has been short for work has been pretty hectic with a few major projects and a training on my plate. I am grateful for a weekend that will be filled with reading, book club, a call with friends, and rest. Here are a few random favorites for this Friday.

Beauty Counter Order.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I placed a Beauty Counter order to use up some expiring credit and take advantage of their free gift with purchase. Everything arrived last night and I am loving everything I grabbed.
I picked up this lipstick in Petal, a bronzer in Dune (I have the Flawless in Five kit but it did not come with a bronzer), the mini set of oils to add them to my cleansing routine, sunscreen for daily use on my face, and I received the after-sun cooling gel as a free gift with purchase. I shop through my sweet sorority sister McKenzie

Max Cat and the Ski Chalet.

Max turns eight next month and this week I keep finding him on his Christmas present taking a nap.

Iced Tea and Strawberry Lemonade.

I have recently been switching up my drinks by making a gallon of sweet tea over the weekend to have as an alternative to water. 
I also make some strawberry lemonade on Saturday to use up some of my last fresh strawberries from the local farm.

Living Room Updates. 

This week I made a few tweaks to my living room. At first I decided to move my cross-stitch projects into a boat tote. It's now next to my extra-large boat tote which currently has some extra blankets. I switch the blankets for pool/beach towels in the summer.
I also rearranged my bookshelves a bit and moved around some knick knacks and books. 
My favorite recent addition to my living room is the wedding portrait of my paternal grandparents. 
I also moved some books from my coffee table/ottoman to my tv stand. I just need to add some floral stems to the vase.

Exercise Sticker Calendar.

I was talking with my small group last week about workout motivation and I shared that I keep a calendar and add stickers whenever I workout as a reward. I also ended up chatting about it in my dietitian appointment yesterday. I grabbed the calendar from Amazon at the start of the year (it's unavailable now) but any wall calendar works. I typically grab themed stickers in the Target dollar spot but you can find stickers anywhere - craft stores, Etsy, etc.

Apple Chips.

I found out about these Apple Chips thanks to Darryl-Ann. They are available in a variety pack on Amazon but I grabbed a six pack on their website. I have only tried the Raspberry Apple and Mango chips. They do have a bit of added sugar if that concerns you (2g of added sugar for a 31g serving). 
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  1. Your bookshelf looks so good!! I love organizing shelves! And your orange kitty is so sweet.

  2. Your cat is so sweet! Love the new bookshelf organization!! And that picture of your grandparents is beautiful, something you will treasure forever! Have a great weekend, Jess!

  3. I love getting orders in the mail! I love how many flavors those apple chips come in! They all sound really good. I've been mixing iced tea and lemonade lately!

  4. I want some chips and lemonade. Your cat is so cute. Have a blessed day.


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