15 April 2020

Recent Pantry and Freezer Eats

Hey y'all,

It is weird to think we are on week five of social distancing. I thought I would share some of the meals I have made over the last month to help give you some ideas. I promise nothing I make is complicated and most are pantry staple friendly. I grew up in a family of six and learned to love leftovers and simple meals. I also lucked out that I received a Butcher Box the week before social distancing began so I have plenty of chicken and ground beef for making meals for one so I haven't purchased any meat from the grocery store. I am currently following the WW Green plan and if you have any questions or also follow WW let me know. I am happy to include point values if anyone wants them.

Vanilla Non-Fat Yogurt with Safe + Fair Birthday Cake granola
Pancake Bake. Take Pancake Mix and follow the instructions (this was a just add water mix) put in a cake pan and bake at 350 for about 20 mins. I served it with chicken breakfast sausage from Aldi and strawberries. 

My favorite cereal Berry Berry Kix with almond milk.
More cereal
Plain bagel thin with whipped cream cheese. canned pineapple chunks with a few enjoy life chocolate chips.

Simple turkey and colby jack sandwich with veggie straws. I also made ranch dip with the Primal Palate garden ranch mix to eat with some carrots.
Another sandwich - hard salami, mustard, american cheese. White cheddar Cheetos.
Alexia House Cut fries and Popcorn chicken (from Aldi)
Homemade Pizza. I used a thin crust from Whole Foods, mozzarella, pepperoni, and a some tomato sauce. I whipped up a quick Caesar salad.
Bagel Thin sandwich - turkey, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, mayo. Veggies. Ranch dip. White Cheddar Cheetos.

Trader Joe's frozen turkey burger patty. Alexia House Cut Fries. I mix spring mix and the sunflower crunch mix salad.
Baguette from a local bakery. Butter. Ham. White Cheddar.

Carrots and Ranch Dip
Applesauce with cinnamon and mini chocolate chips
Zesty Ranch Veggie Straws
Scoops and Salsa
Fuji Apple. Celery. Peanut butter. Raisins.
Veggies and Ranch Dip

Macaroni and Cheese. BBQ Chicken (chicken breast cooked in the slow cooker with BBQ sauce)
Chicken Hibachi (from the Defined Dish). Brown Rice. Makoto Yum Yum Sauce.
One-Pot Hamburger Helper from the Defined Dish
Pasta Salad - Italian seasoned pork tenderloin from the freezer. Mozzarella (string cheese chopped up), olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, Parmesan, rotini.
Spaghetti with sauce I made and froze a few months ago. I served it with a side salad and used the Olive Garden Italian dressing.

What have you been eating?


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  1. Birthday cake granola?! Yum! The strawberries look super fresh! So much yummy stuff. That pasta salad!


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