16 April 2020

NC Apartment Tour {Living Room & Coat Closet}

Hey y'all,

As I shared last week, I am taking this time to finally photograph and post my apartment. I have lived in this space for over a year and a half and it's the perfect size for a one-bedroom one bath. If you missed last week's post, I shared my dining room. I have an open concept main space so it made sense to start with these spaces first. Here's my living room and the coat closet. I also use this closet to store a few random things like my sleeping bag, queen sized air mattress, luggage set, and my vacuum. I also store my extra paper goods in this closet.
Am I the only one that kept their high school and college regalia?
Here's the overall view of my living room when I stand in my kitchen.
While I do get a lot of natural light in my apartment, this room has no overhead lighting so I rely on the entry overhead light and my two lamps.

This starburst mirror was a HomeGoods find and hold my name-tag badge for BSF.
I have had this organizer since my first apartment. The cube of books on the left are ones from my shelf I want to read soon. The cube on the right is all my library books I have yet to read. When I finish a library book it goes in the "J" canvas tote. The two bins are filled with my scarves.
I'm obsessed with blankets and all things cozy so this basket holds my T-shirt blanket, sloth blanket, two Saranoni blankets, and one other random HomeGoods throw.
My TV stand is from Target. I received the TV as a gift from my parents when I moved out after college. I use a Fire TV stick to stream all my shows. I keep candles in the canvas bins and games on the bottom shelf. 

The giant Volcano candle was part of the Nordstrom sale last summer. 
This chair and pillow are both from Target. I also grabbed this bookshelf my junior year of college at Target and it still going strong 13+ years later.
I keep my home gym equipment in this bin along with a foam roller and yoga mat that hide behind the chair. This book shelf is focused on my devotionals and Christian living books. I also have my Jane Austen collection over here. The wicker bins hold my She Reads Truth study books and my coloring supplies for when I want to do some adult coloring. It even holds my crayon tower which I got when I was in college and would color for stress relief.
Max's toy basket is actually an old American Girl basket. My cat is also weird and even though he has a water bowl right next to his feeder, he only drinks from this Tupperware in my living room. His little cat tower was actually an Aldi find.
My little shrine to my Alma Mater. I worked at UNC for over five years post-grad and one of the departments I worked at gave me the Carolina book and everyone signed it.
On the other side of my window is this nook. I grabbed both of these prints from Hobby Lobby.

My monogrammed boat tote (I have the Extra Large with zipper top. They were running a 50% sale so I would check back often if you want one) holds more blankets and during the summer I put all my pool towels there. The plastic tub holds my counted cross-stitch patterns and projects.
I did have a floor lamp that was sacrificed during my first week of social distancing when I knocked it over and broke the bulb and shade. The lamp itself was actually broken at the base which I discovered and then it started to fall. That lamp had been my grandparent's and had been at my first postgrad apartment. This lamp was a target clearance find and I am looking for a new shade. The pillows are an Ikea purchase.
Here's the majority of my book collection. I purge my books regularly and only keep those of my favorite authors or ones I think I will reread. I donate all my old books to the library in my parent's town. They sell their donated books and library discards in a sale four times a year. The sales raise about $30,000 a year for the library's programs and special events.
My couch is from Ashley Furniture (the Chamberly collection and is part of a larger sectional option. I liked that idea since if I end up purchasing a home soon I can always purchase more pieces to create a large sectional. I did slipcover the pillows that it came with since they were a yellow print. My slipcovers are all from Ikea.

The coffee table is a Target purchase and one of the few things Max likes to scratch when I am not at home. I keep my extra dining table linens and some guest towels in my coffee table.
On my tray I keep tissues always since I am prone to cry during a tv show or movie. I have also been doing my devotionals more and more on my couch so I moved some pens and highlighters to the tray. I always use coffee mugs as pen holders since I have been gifted so many.

My coffee table books:

What Max should scratch instead of my coffee table.
My cedar chest holds extra comforters for guests and Max liked to lay on the chair cushions for naps in the sun. I picked up this cat scratcher from T.J. Maxx. The curtains are from Target from over 5 years ago.

What are your go-to stores for home decor?


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