09 April 2020

NC Apartment Tour {Dining Room}

Hey y'all,

I have always meant to post an apartment tour here on the blog and now that I am home for the foreseeable future and I have lived in this space for over a year and a half it's time. I am going to post on Thursdays this month a glimpse into my home. I will try to link items but some things I have had for since college or longer. Let's start with the dining room that is currently my office but I cleared out all my work items to show it's usual state.

Also, I don't know why my photos are coming in blurry so I might need to update these throughout the day.

Rifle Paper Prints. I was inspired by this blog and grabbed frames from A.C. Moore and received the 2017 calendar as a gift. I simply cut off the monthly calendar part and placed them in a frame. I love how this project turned out. These are only hung with 3M strips though and the Rome one fell one night and shattered all the glass. I have yet to replace it and now that AC Moore is gone I won't be able to get the exact frames if I want to frame the remaining three prints. 
To make this yourself here's the 2020 desktop version, the 2016 version, and similar frames.

 Cabinet. From my childhood bedroom.
 some of my favorite cookbooks:
 The bottom holds some of my paperback books and some recipe binders,
 Table. This was a piece from my Dad's parents I received after they passed. It was originally blue and my dad sanded and restored it.

Chairs. Ikea. Not my favorite but finding dining chairs that are not $100+ per chair is hard to do. I typically do not even eat at my dining table so this was a great affordable solution.

Placemats. Target. I grabbed these on clearance a few years ago so here's a similar style available now.

Do you utilize your dining room?


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  1. I love your gallery wall! Very cool, organized space. Thanks for sharing!


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