03 April 2020

Five on Friday {April 3}

Hey y'all,

We made it to Friday. Today finishes out three weeks of working at home and probably the hardest week to get through. I felt that everything just hit this week. There were some days I laid down at 6 pm and slept until 9 pm, some days I cried, and other days felt good when I was chatting with a friend or walking my neighborhood. Like John Krasinski's new news channel I am trying to focus on the good news.

one. Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Skype.

As someone who loves their friends, family, and community the transition to socially distance for the future was hard. I am glad this happened in a time with so much technology. I have been able to chat with my parents, take a workout class from my local Barre3 studio instructors, talked with friends, continued discussions with my BSF group, had book club, continued my Hebrews study with my group, have coffee/tea time with my co-workers, and pray with my bible study.

two. Candles.

One of my goals for April (I plan to post them on Monday) is to use up things in my home. In staying home consistently for three weeks I have noticed a few categories of things I have but have not been using (like 8 tubes of travel sized toothpaste). I started lighting candles more frequently and I have used up three candles and I am almost done with a fourth. Some were already over half burned but it feels good to be using what I have and to make space for things now that my candle storage is only housing winter scents. All my other spring candles are sitting out to be used.

three. Fresh Flowers.

I grabbed a bouquet at the grocery store over the weekend when I was grabbing my perishable foods. It has brought a lot of joy this week. I had it on my dinning table/WFH space for a bit and moved it to the kitchen yesterday.

four. Simplified Planner.

I placed my order for a new Simplified Planner on Wednesday as well as another notepad. I have been relying on my planner and my large notepad a lot during this time at home. From grocery lists, laundry tasks, and work meeting notes they have been constantly on my side.

five. Financial Peace University.

This past week I started Financial Peace University since Dave Ramsey is offering it free for 14 days. They have never done this offer and I have always wanted to take the class but haven't found time in my schedule. I am done with 4/9 lessons and it has been great to go through this course and focus on budgeting and financial freedom during a time when there is so much economic uncertainty.
FPU: The Proven Personal Finance Plan | DaveRamsey.com

other favorites:

allergy medication. NC+Spring=pollen.
mini rice krispie treats I bought back in February.
Annie F. Downs #miniBFFbookclub. Every night Annie reads a children's book on her Instagram.
polar sparkling water.
diet coke. I picked up the skinny 1.5L bottle to get through some of the rougher sleep days.
Memphis ZOOlympics. Since we all need to laugh throughout this.
She Reads Truth A-Z verses. I updated my verse in my gallery wall.
Bon Appetit April Fools. They are doing swaps with their shows
my porch. 

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What are you up to this weekend? Any home projects? Currently reading?



  1. Yes thank goodness for technology. It has been a life saver. We have doing FaceTime with our family too and while it's not the same as face to face, it's the best option for what the situation calls for. I am a little sad our library are still closed and will be for awhile just like other businesses but I am running out of stuff to read! I am currently reading The Hating Game and so far so good. I hope your Friday is going well so far and wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead.

    Maureen | www.littlemisscasual.com

  2. This is such a great idea. I had such a negative day so it was really nice to find and read this!

  3. I just LOVE fresh flowers and how much they cheer up the home.


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