01 April 2020

Currently {April}

Hey y'all,

Wow what a few weeks have changed things. Since March 15th, I have transitioned to working from home, made a meal plan for the next month, and my state has gone on Shelter in Place. I hope to get back to consistent blogging during this time but remember, you are allowed to feel all the feelings during this time. It's the first time the world has experienced something like this so you are doing the best you can. Seriously, do not compare yourself to anyone during this time.
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baking. All the Real Food Whole Life muffins. I made the banana bread, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, and double chocolate chip zucchini muffins.

listening.I have mostly been listening to the Top Christian station on Spotify, Michael W. Smith's song Waymaker, and the That Sounds Fun Quarantine podcasts with Annie F. Downs.

borrowing. Library books as always.

sharing. my lunches. My co-workers and I have a Slack channel where we all share what we made for lunch and it has been motivating to actually plan a lunch as well as a fun way to connect with them.

trying. Beautycounter. A few weeks ago when Beautycounter was hosting a sale on their skin care sets I finally bit the bullet and ordered the Countermatch collection. I am loving it so far and will have to give an update after using it for a month or so. For other favorite clean face products I love this face wash and this toner. I will say that my skin has been rough during this season with a lot of stress so one of my goals in April is to be consistent with my morning and evening routines.

writing. I just wrote out my prayers in my Val Marie Paper prayer journal last night. I also started writing out my prayers daily in a journal in early March and hope to continue that practice through April to see how God is working during this time.

watching. Prodigal Son (FOX). Making the Cut (Amazon Prime). Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (NBC). Disney movies on Disney+ like The Emperors New Groove.

wishing. That I could hug my Mom on Monday for her birthday. We had planned to go to see STOMP at the Durham Performing Arts Center and then for me to go to my parent's house for the rest of this weekend so I could spend the morning with my Mom on her birthday (and then head to my dentist in my parent's town).

investigating. I have been doing a lot of research and investigating for my work the last two and a half weeks so I have been trying to stay off of Google and the internet when I can in the evenings.

purchasing. I last purchased some dresses when Nordstrom had their 25% off sale to try on for a friend's wedding that has now been postponed and so I have a stack of boxes for returns when this is all over. I also just bought some frames from Amazon to add to my gallery wall in my bedroom.

I am excited to purchase a Simplified planner today being Launch Day for the academic editions. I am thinking I am going to grab the Blue Trellis pattern.

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What are you currently up to?



  1. Ah love this! I am looking to purchase some Beautycounter skincare and another simplified planner in the near future!

    Socially Distant,


  2. I've been trying some new recipes too! I did a banana peanut butter muffin that was delicious.

  3. I watched the first two episodes of Making the Cut last night! It's like Project Runway on steroids. I'm sorry you won't be able to see your mom for her birthday. It's really hard being isolated from friends and family. I'm glad you are healthy and safe!

  4. So many new recipes...and so much time to try them all:) Happy April - hope it is a healthy one for you!

  5. I ordered that whole Beautycounter regimen during the last sale too, and I've been loving the night cream especially. Also loving having the routine of this skincare at night as a way to remind myself to wind down before bed during this crazy time of life. And I love the idea of connecting with your co-workers by virtually sharing lunches.

  6. How fun you're doing lunches online with your co-workers. I love that idea. It's good to find ways to keep connecting with people. I've tried a lipstick/lipgloss combodo from Beautycounter which I really love. A friend of mine sells it! As for TV, I'm LOVING Prodigal Son and Zoey's!



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