06 April 2020

April Goals

Hey y'all,

Happy Apirl! We made it through March and even though this month is very different than I had planned I know it can be a month of growth. Here are my current monthly goals:

1. Focus on Finances.

In this uncertain time as I know people are being laid off or furloughed I am grateful for my current employment. I know this could change any day so I am trying to focus on being a good steward of my funds. Here's how I plan to focus on my finances.
  • complete the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University video courses.
  • no discretionary spending
  • $30 grocery budget per week for fresh items
  • $30 budget for meals out

2. Use Things Up.

One thing I have noticed during my time at home is a lot of items I have but I am not using. Things like candles, travel sized items, random food items in my pantry and freezer. My goal is to use these things up. Take the bubble baths, burn all the candles, clean out my travel sized toothpaste collection, and utilize my current blessings.

3. Get Outside.

I think we can all agree that getting fresh air helps tremendously when you spend a lot of your time in your home. I am trying to get outside each day. It could be for a walk, reading on my porch, or like this weekend, taking my workout of Barre3 on the porch.

4. Read 5 Books.

I love to read and I have a large stack of books from the library as well as those on my shelves I should read this month. With no more commute I haven't been listening to audiobooks so I am trying to make sure I read a bit everyday.

5. Write Out Prayers Daily.

I have a prayer journal that I fill out different categories monthly. One thing that started last month is writing out my prayers in a journal. Sometimes I write them out like a journal entry, other times it is bullet points but it has been helpful to see what I have prayed for this past month for those answered and unanswered prayers.



  1. Such good goals...I still have not taken this time to do things I've been wanting to do and instead have been so lazy. The only exception is that I am also trying to burn through the candles I currently have! haha!


  2. These are such good and achievable goals for this month. I'm trying to get outside whenever the weather cooperates!

  3. I absolutely love what you have planned for this month, Jess! They seem so lovely and appropriate for this strange situation we find ourselves in. I'm also in AWE of your grocery budget!!


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