29 March 2020

Sunday Sayings {March 29}

Hey y'all,

Life has really changed since I last posted about cooking through a cookbook this year. I started working from home, my friend's wedding has been postponed to the Fall, I've worked out via a Zoom conference, and lots of fun Spring events have been postponed. I know this whole event has caused a lot of anxiety and fear but I hope you know we have a Savior that knows all and has a plan for this event even in it's devastation.

Annie F. Down's created a collaborative Do Not Fear playlist that is now almost 7 days long if you need something to blast over your fears and worries.

If you want to watch a sermon on this same topic, my church started a Sermon series last week called the World Turned Upside down. 

You can watch here on YouTube, Facebook, or our website live today at 9am and 10:45am.

You can also watch the whole series here.

I am happy to pray for you if you want to leave me a comment with specifics or email me here.


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Thank you for your sweet message!

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