03 March 2020

Amazon Lately {February Purchases}

Hey y'all,

I actually only ordered two items in February from Amazon as I am still trying to focus on only intentional purchases. I hope you enjoy!

50 Kindness Cards/Motivational Quote Cards/Business Card Size

I grabbed these cards to add to porch drops this year. Sweet note + favorite drink dropped on a friends porch when they are having a rough day sounds like an easy way to love on my community. I ordered these just in time to add them to the Galentine's gift bags I made for friends.

COSORI Air Fryer - Manual 5.8 Quart

I had heard great things about air-fryers and finally started looking at models this year. This one was on sale last month (as well as the digital version) so I snatched it up after reading reviews. I have only made frozen foods so far in it (french fries, onion rings, and chicken tenders) so I am open to all recipe ideas if you have an air fryer!

What have you been priming lately?
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  1. I love the cards! I used to put little cards like that in the kids' lunches. Now that they are teens, I usually just write a note. Great idea for porch drops. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  2. I have an air fryer but we don't use it all that often... mostly because I don't know what/how to prepare foods in it! I did make a pretty tasty fish recipe in there once though.

  3. I feel like the air fryer is this year's InstaPot. Everyone is recommending it!


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