14 February 2020

Five on Friday {Valentine's Day}

Hey y'all,

We made it to Friday! Happy Valentine's day to all who celebrate. It has been one very busy week and it will be a busy weekend as well with a Galentine's party tonight, a conference at church tomorrow morning for all the kids leaders, and a fun lunch with a friend!

one. Celine Dion.

On Tuesday night I stayed out way past my bedtime to attend Celine Dion's Courage World Tour. Y'all it was an amazing night and filled with both older and hits from her recently released CD. Celine hadn't toured in NC for over 10 years due to her residency in Las Vegas so it was great to finally see her. I went with three of my supper club friends (who actually went to her Vegas show last March before her residency ended and she announced her tour). I saved the clips I shared as a highlight on my Instagram here.

I have been singing Imperfections constantly since Tuesday.

two. Galentine's Day Gift Bags.

I used my favorite friends survey responses to create little Galentine's Day treat bags for my friends. I was going to make porch drops but when my friend Jordan hosted a party last night it was the perfect opportunity to hand them out.

three. Galentine's Party.

Jordan hosted an amazing gathering last night including the Galentine's day episode of Parks and Rec, a fun game, RBG waffles, chips, queso, and lots of laughs.

four. Polish Pottery.

My sweet parents gave me a beautiful polish pottery circle baker as part of my Birthday present. If you haven't heard of Polish Pottery, Poland creates beautiful stoneware hand stamped or hand painted pieces. My mom's kitchen is filled with the pottery after a few trips to Poland while we lived in Germany. Since coming back to the states, my parent's have gifted the kids with a few pieces every couple of years. I also forgot to snap a picture of my piece so here's a picture of the same style with a different design.

five. What's For Dinner YouTube Videos.

I recently picked up the travel scripture cards from Crew & Co. on sale. I have been following their company for a while and decided to finally grab the cards. I have been reading a verse or two in the car before work and it has helped to set the tone for the day.

Other favorites:

This is a really random favorite but I have recently been watching a lot of what's for dinner or meal prep videos on YouTube and it has helped inspired me to be back in the kitchen and gave me a lot of meal ideas. I have really enjoyed MandyJessicaLauren, and Miranda's videos.

This giveaway for Rothys from my friend Laura.

Chewy Granola bars. I had these all the time for lunch in high school and brought them back this week.

Dunkaroos are coming back this summer. 

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What are you up to this weekend?



  1. Your galentine's celebrations sound so fun!

  2. I bet Celine was so amazing! Your Galentine's Day party with your friends sounds so fun! I love your bags too. What a great idea!

  3. Your Galentine's party sounds so fun! And that Polish pottery is so beautiful!

  4. Love those travel scripture cards. How fun to have a Galentine's party! I'm not an ultra big fangirl of Celine but would love to go to one of her concerts someday.


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