09 January 2020

Friend Favorites survey

Hey y'all,

One of my goals this year is to be more intentional with my community and spread a lot of love and cheer with my friends. That can be in the form of a card, a call, a porch drop, or a fun basket. I sent a quick survey to my friends in mid December with questions on some of their favorites so I could get to know them a bit more and to help out in loving on them.

This was especially apparent when one of my dear friends was in the hospital this Fall for over a week and when my book club wanted to gift her with some reading material, this survey would have helped!

I started the survey with help from Kristin Winchester's idea and now she has a blog and shared the original survey here. I did add in a few questions. I loved the Google Form since everything is now saved in a spreadsheet and I could send a quick little link in a text or email the survey to friends. Here's what I asked if you want to do this with your friends as well.


Current address

When is your birthday?

Favorite Gas Station Snack?

Favorite Candy?

Favorite Color?

Favorite Holiday?

Favorite Hobby?

Favorite Breakfast Cereal?

Favorite Beverage (s)?

Go-to Starbucks Order?

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant?

Favorite Dessert?

Favorite Movie?

Least Favorite Food?

Favorite Cookie?

Salty or Sweet

Favorite Salty Snack?

Favorite Flower?

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

One thing I could eat everyday for the rest of my life?

Favorite Way to Relax?

Favorite Store?

Dream Vacation Spot?

Favorite Restaurant or Eatery?

5 favorite books you read in the last 10 years

What's Your Love Language (if you know it)?

Any other information you want to share?

I hope this helps you love on your friends (or you could even send it to your neighbors) and grow in community.


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