10 January 2020

Five on Friday {January 10}

Hey y'all,

Woo, it has been an officially hitting the ground running kind of week at work. It's officially 2020 and my birthday month! I have written out my goals (here) and I am ready to take on the month especially after a nice long break from the office. The past week has been filled with lots of tight deadlines at work so I'm ready for a nice relaxing weekend including seeing my book club to discuss this month's book. Here are five (really six) things I am loving this week:

one. Jeopardy's Greatest of All Time Tournament.

I grew up watching the local news, national news, then Jeopardy and Wheel. While I don't always watch Jeopardy every night, I was excited about this tournament of James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings, and Brad Rutter. It started on Tuesday night at 8pm and consists of two games each night then the totals are combined to determine the winner. Tuesday Ken won by $200, Wednesday, James took the title, and last night Ken secured his second win.The winner will need to win three nights for the $1 million prize. I'm rooting for Ken to win as he hasn't won a tournament.

two. Slow Evenings After Work.

For the first week back to work, I have been glad that not all of my activities are back. Monday, I had BSF and we dug back into Hebrews but the rest of this week I have had nothing else on the calendar. I have enjoyed evenings in bed reading, trips to the library, and an evening run to Aldi for groceries so I don't have to go this weekend.

three. My Christmas Gifts.

I didn't post what I got or gave for Christmas but it was a very kitchen themed Christmas and I have loved starting to use my gifts over the last few days. Most used so far have been my Oxo glass containers (and the Pyrex glass containers I grabbed with a gift card). Below are just the kitchen themed items from my Christmas presents. I also started writing in recipes in my binder this week and love how organized it is.
 Here's my finished nativity my older sister crocheted. I have received a few pieces every year for the last three years and I got my angel, shepherd, sheep, and donkey this year.

four. Old Navy Flannel Pajama Pants.

These are my favorite pjs and I have a nice stack after a few years. They come in a few lengths so they are perfect for my tall friends too and amazing patterns. They are currently on sale for under $10 plus another 30% off. If you watched the Netflix movie Klaus you would recognize these characters. Old Navy did a Klaus collection and it looks like only the kids flannel pants are still available.

five. Mezzo Piano.

I found this station on Spotify thanks to Nancy Ray's suggestion. It is piano instrumental of worship music so you would recognize the songs but it's not overpowering if you are studying, working, or just reading a book. I've found it very calm and relaxing as background music for all sorts of tasks like cleaning out your fridge or your closet.

six. ThredUp.

I did another deep clean of my closet over the break and sent a lot of items to ThredUp that had not been doing well on Poshmark. As much as I enjoy Poshmark, sometimes you just want the items out of your house. They accepted about 70% of what I sent and donated the rest. You can order a clean out kit here and I just reused Amazon boxes to send in my items. Here's what's left of my closet cleanout from the first box.

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What are you up to this weekend?


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  1. I've been watching the Jeopardy GOAT tournament too! It's so good, and I feel like a genius whenever I get a question right, haha!


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