28 January 2020

Amazon Lately {December & January Purchases]

Hey y'all,

It has been almost two months since I shared my last Amazon lately post so I thought I would share my recent purchases. A few of my goals for this year are to transition to more sustainable storage in my kitchen and to


More collagen peptides. I add this to smoothies to bulk up the protein factor. I decided to change up the brand and got the Further Food kind rather than the typical Vital Protein. I don't see any difference.

Write the Word Bible Journal. This was a gift for my older sister for Christmas. I love the WTW journals from Cultivate and Amazon had it for the same price plus prime shipping. These are the old style of WTW journals just to let you know. They have since changed the covers a bit as well as some of the formatting.

Maple Sugar. I made these gluten and dairy free snickerdoodles for my book club's holiday party in December. I ordered the maple sugar on Amazon but ended up finding it for a better deal at Whole Foods that afternoon. I tried to cancel my order but it was too late so now I need to find creative uses for all the maple sugar apart from snickerdoodles.

Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara. - I have realized over the years that I am sensitive to a lot of mascaras and will rub off all makeup and mascara throughout the day. I had heard great things about the Honest mascara and since it is made of cleaner ingredients I thought I would give it a shot. I have not had a reaction to it and really love the look it gives. Plus for under $15 it is a great price to make a clean beauty swap.

Amazon Basics Lightning to USB - My USB/lightening cable in my car was in bad shape so I decided to grab this one for my room/nightstand and move my other cable into my car for emergency charging.

2020 calendar. I use a wall calendar to track my workouts on with stickers I grab in the Target Dollar Spot. Well, it was almost January so I needed to pick out one and this one reminded me of Rifle Paper Co but at a lower price.

NUTRO Dry Cat Food - When I don't want to go to PetCo for MaxCat's food (he has a sensitive stomach/gas issues with other brands), Amazon to the rescue. I grabbed this to make sure we were set through the holidays.

Pyrex Meal Prep Glass Storage set - I received an Oxo glass storage set as a gift and used a gift card to pick up this set. I have loved these pieces and would recommend the 18 piece set if you are starting to convert to glass storage containers.

Bic Multipurpose Lighters 4 pack - very random but I had run out of my other click lighter and I kept forgetting to pick one up whenever I was out at Target. These set of 4 works great and now I am set for at least a year.

Christmas snowflake ornaments - I participated in Kristin Winchester's ornament exchange when she posted about it on her page. I had always loved the Southern Weddings Magazine's ornament exchange so I was happy to participate. However, after checking out a few stores I wasn't in love with anything, so Amazon to the rescue. I sent four of these to my fellow ornament group.


Vega Protein Made Simple in Chocolate and Vanilla - I ran out of protein powder in late Fall so I decided to check out these when they were on a deal of the day. I enjoy Vega protein and these are made of very simple ingredients.

Stasher bags in sandwich and snack size. These were also a deal of the day and I had been eyeing stasher bags for a while. I grabbed the two sizes and have enjoyed using them for snacks like pretzels, popcorn, and graham crackers.

What is you favorite recent Amazon purchase?


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