12 December 2019

Blogmas Day 9: Gingerbread House Party

Hey y’all,

Last Friday, I was invited to a gingerbread house party hosted by one of the ladies in my supper club. She has been hosting the event for the last five years but this was my first time at the party. The last time I remember building a gingerbread house was at the Southern Weddings Barn Building event back in 2012 and I even blogged about it on my old blog, Preppin' Postgrad.

Here’s how it went down. D prepped, baked, and assembled our gingerbread houses. In total there were four designs to choose from. Everyone else brought all the candy to decorate.
It was pretty amazing walking into her home and seeing 20 un-decorated houses to choose from.

Here’s the house I choose before we decorated:
And here’s my final home:
Yes, those are inflatable gingerbread in my yard.
And my home is under going a roof renovation project. In the new year, my home will use their holiday bonus to complete the white shingles on both sides. 😁

A few of my friends were very creative making fire pits out of dots candy.
And B made a bench for her gingerbread family to sit on with a fun size mini KitKat.
At the end of the party we lined up all the homes into a neighborhood.
I would highly recommend hosting a gingerbread house party if you have a favorite gingerbread recipe. Our host has some from pampered chef (exact, new model) and borrowed some from her neighbor who had a Paula Deen pan (exact) but you could search for a gingerbread house mold pan at any baking store.

Happy decorating!

You can catch up on my other Blogmas posts here as I am blogging everyday this month!

Merry Blogmas,
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