11 December 2019

Blogmas Day 8: Currently

Hey y'all,

I haven't written a currently post since August and I have been really slacking on taking my outfit of the day posts to write a Work Wear Wednesday post so here we go. I'm sharing what I am currently wearing, baking, reading, watching, and celebrating.
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I have been living in my Free People ottoman sweaters and leggings for holiday festivities since I am all about cute but stretchy pants for the decadent foods. Other than that, it hasn't been super cold here yet (It was 60 yesterday randomly) so I have loved these long sleeve shirts with a scarf or one of my puffer vests.


Currently I am listening to P.S. I Still Love You (the second in the To All The Boys I've Loved Before series). I just started reading Shades of Milk and Honey which I picked up at the Wake County Public Library book sale back in May.


Today is a cookoff at work that is themed "Holiday Spice." The cookoffs are optional events and this one you should feature a holiday spice in your sweet or savory dish. I baked a cinnamon coffee cake last night. Let's hope it's a good contender for the prize (a fun food shaped eraser)


Apart from all the Hallmark movies, I have been watching the new Project Runway which premiered last week. I also have been loving watching big freezer cooking videos on YouTube. Anyone else? Just me? It's strange since I'm just one person but it amazes me these moms with 8 kids and all the cooking they do for their freezers to make it easier to feed a family of 10+.


Traci's 30th birthday! This Sunday we all went to the Mayton Inn in downtown Cary for brunch at the Verandah Restaurant. The food was amazing and we all would recommend it to anyone. It was the perfect way to get together and celebrate such a special friend. 


I am a big Masterpiece classic fan and I am excited for the new series, Sanditon, to premiere in January. Sandition is the unfinished novel by Jane Austen, so I am excited to see it on screen.
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Last night, I went to a co-workers house to meet her four puppies. This is a photo of my favorite of the four boys, Moose.

You can catch up on my other Blogmas posts here as I am blogging everyday this month!

Merry Blogmas,
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