07 December 2019

Blogmas Day 4: Recent Amazon Purchases

Hey y'all,

I am surprisingly not the biggest Amazon shopper but I do snap up a few things on Prime every month. Here's what I've purchased since my last Amazon post back in October.Image result for amazon lately

Healthy Human cup

I grabbed this cup since it fits in my car's cup holders and has become one of my go-tos for water at work. I tend to swap between this cup and my HydroFlask. It's 32 oz and has a straw so it's a big win for me to try and get my 100 oz of water a day in.

Clean Paleo Family Cookbook

I pre-ordered this cookbook that will come out in the Spring. I love following Mack on Instagram and I am excited to add this to my cookbook shelves. Since I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance in  2015, I like looking at Paleo recipes as they will automatically be dairy free.

Mini Smart Plug Outlet

I snagged this outlet since my old timer was broken and I wanted a way to turn my lights on while I was away for Thanksgiving and I now like being able to turn on my light from my phone when I am leaving an event and not coming home to a dark house.

Nutro Max Cat Food

The basics, Max's food can sometimes be hard to find and I honestly did not want to run to PetCo the week of Thanksgiving so this was a quick way to get his food.

Amazon Basics C batteries

I accidentally purchased C size batteries when I needed D. Whoops, so I returned these. Max's automatic feeder (yes, he is automatically fed twice a day) was blinking the evil red low battery light the week of Thanksgiving so I avoided the grocery store to order batteries so I didn't stress about his food while I was out of town.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

I love Vital Proteins as a unflavored protein in smoothies and I scored this on sale during Black Friday. I typically use one scoop in my smoothies and sometimes supplement it with another protein powder like Vega and sometimes jut throw this in hot tea in the morning.

I also purchased a few gifts that I will show in a blogpost after the holidays.

What's your most recent Amazon purchase?

You can catch up on my other Blogmas posts here as I am blogging everyday this month!

Merry Blogmas,

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