23 December 2019

Blogmas Day 16: Hallmark Movie Review - Part 2

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Get out the tissues as I am reviewing 8 of the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries - Miracles of Christmas premieres that I have watched this season. If you love traditional Hallmark Channel movies that are more rom-coms, these are more heart string pullers. Also, as a military brat, any military involved movies are guaranteed to make me cry and there are two military movies this season.
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A Merry Christmas Match

Corey works at an antique store her father started when her best friend comes home from the city with both a boyfriend and her boyfriend's best friend, Ryder. Corey and Ryder hit it off and Corey begins to question her choice to stay in her hometown to help the family business and what it would be like to pursue her dreams. 🎄🎄.5/5

Nostalgic Christmas

A toy buyer from the city, Anne, returns to her hometown to help her father close his toy store. She meets a single dad and her old wooden Santa's she created as a child begin being gifted to the members of the town for the exact right reason. 🎄🎄/5

Two Turtle Doves

Sharon is back in her hometown for the first holiday without her grandmother. The will requires her to complete twelve holiday traditions (one for each of the 12 days of Christmas ornaments) before she can consider selling the home. The estate attorney is her grandmother's neighbor and together they complete tasks like decorating, a movie marathon, etc. all while on the hunt for the missing two turtle doves ornament. 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄/5

A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas

Willow is a hotel manager that returns to Virginia to help plan her sister's wedding at the Inn her parents once owned. She meets the new owner, and single dad, David and helps him heal from the past. 🎄🎄/5

Homecoming for Heroes

Matt and Audrey were pen pals while he was stationed overseas after Audrey's brother shares coffee from her shop with Matt. When Matt returns stateside he seeks out Audrey and together they work on the Holiday for Heroes program for the town. 🎄🎄🎄/5

A Christmas Miracle

Emma works for a lifestyle magazine in a temporary job. She searches for a lead on the story with a fellow co-worker and hopes to bring a miracle to a lonely street musician. 🎄🎄/5

Holiday Hearts

He's a doctor who has been back in town for the last year. She's an accountant at the family hotel. Together, they are helping to care for their friend's daughter while he is in the hospital for surgery right before Christmas. Their mission is to complete all the holiday traditions the daughter did with her mother (before she passed). Together, they enjoy the holidays and are reminded of how they felt about one another years ago. 🎄🎄🎄🎄/5

Time For You to Come Home for Christmas

She lost her husband a few years ago and has not been back to her hometown for Christmas. On the train, she meets a stranger headed to town to meet someone. After a lot of chance meetings, Katherine heals with her family and discovers what Jack was seeking in their town. 🎄🎄🎄/5.

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