14 December 2019

Blogmas Day 10: Five on Friday {December 13}

Hey y'all,

I cannot believe that I have made it to 10 posts in a row this month for Blogmas. If you didn't see the first post, I was inspired by Bailey to blog everyday this month. So far, so good since I started on the 4th. This weekend I am hosting friends for some Hallmark movies tonight, going to a holiday brunch and my office's seasonal celebration tomorrow, and Sunday will include a lunch with a friend and book club's annual Christmas party! All the celebrations before the last full week of work of the year, decade, etc.

one. Abide Study.

This week was the final night of the Abide: 1 John, 2 John, and 3 John study by Jen Wilkin I did with my church's Women's Discipleship. I loved the women at my table this semester and it was an amazing study. Last night was a night of fellowship, review, and sporadically deciding to do the Exodus Part 2 study as a small group during this break before the Spring semester studies start in February. You know you have a great group of women who love to study together when you are doing the work outside the group.

two. Puppy playtime.

On Tuesday night I went to visit some puppies. One of my co-workers has a "pack" of cavaliers. She shows a few of them and this Fall, Sunny had 5 puppies. Unfortunately, the little girl did not make it but the 4 boys did and they started going to their homes this week. Therefore, I had to run over and cuddle the boys before they left. The boys were so sweet and you can follow the dogs their Instagram here.

three. bagel-wich.

This week I decided to see if the cafe downstairs would change out the bread on one of the sandwiches on the menu to a bagel. It was so good and reminded me of the "Pilgrims Pride" bagel sandwich I got at Alpine Bagel all the time in college.

four. Audiobooks.

This past week I have been on a big audiobook kick and I finished two books and I'm halfway through a third. I will share my reviews in my January post on December reads but I read To All The Boy's I've Loved Before and PS I Still Love You. I have been checking them out from my local library on the Overdrive app. I've heard great things about Hoopla but my library system does not subscribe to the program.

five. Max Cat's Gotcha Day. 

Tuesday was the anniversary of Max's Gotcha Day! Back in 2012 my family took him. He was found wandering the streets at 6 months by one of my mom's good friends. Now, he clearly lives a life of luxury napping under the Christmas tree every night.

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Merry Blogmas,

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