04 December 2019

Blogmas Day 1: Recent Podcast Favorites

Hey y'all,

I am trying to get back into the swing of things and saw Bailey is doing Blogmas. If you watch a lot of YouTube you know the season of Vlogmas which is when individuals vlog each day of December leading up to Christmas. Well, I am going to try and blog each day (starting today) this month, so 28 posts. They may be short and sweet, they might be really lengthy catch up posts but a little bit each day as we end out this decade.

Let's jump in with some podcast recommendations. I have previously posted some of my favorites here but with the holidays come holiday travel and lots of driving to and from events so I thought I would share some recent favorite episodes.

But Not All At Once - Hadley Eddings.

Hadley and Anne discuss loss, tragedy, and healing in this episode. It is a long one and was the background while I drove home for Thanksgiving. I would recommend listening not in the car (due to the tragedy) and with a big box of tissues. This was a great reminder of the power of the Holy Spirit, keeping your faith during unthinkable tragedies, and how to talk to a friend going through the rough stuff.

Work and Play with Nancy Ray - Follow Through: An End of the Year Pep Talk

This is 6 minutes of encouragement as we go through the end of this year and head into 2020. Short, sweet, and powerful.

4 Things with Amy Brown - Craig Conover: Sewing Down South. Southern Charm. Mental Health. Gratitude.

This is an almost two hour podcast talking with Craig from Southern Charm. If you watch the reality show you would be familiar with Craig but this podcast went deep into his past, how he joined the show, and into his past medication history in treating mental health. If you watch the show I think you would really enjoy this episode but maybe save it for a long walk or car trip.

But Not All At Once - Do They Host Playgroups for Grown-Ups?

Friendships as an adult can be difficult to manage, both the friends from college that are across the country, and making new adult friends outside your co-workers. This is a great discussion on friendship that I think would be beneficial to all.

That Sounds Fun - Mandisa

I love Annie F. Down's and Mandisa's music (seriously, listen to her Good Morning song and not be happy) so the two of them together was podcast magic as they discuss reality tv, life as a Christian, seasons/transitions, race, and more.

What Should I Read Next - Books that won't let you stop reading

I love Anne Bogel's matchmaking books to readers podcast and this episode was essential my reading style so I added a lot to my TBR list after listening to Anne's recommendations.

Twirl Talk - Kristin Winchester

I have been a fan of Kristin Winchester when she was a team member of Southern Weddings (it doesn't hurt that we are sorority sisters from the same chapter just a few years apart) and I loved this discussion about seasons and encouragement. Seriously, I think this one applies to everyone from the career girl, college freshman, stay-at-home mom, retired lady, everyone.

4 Things With Amy Brown - Annie F Downs: Books. Podcast Talk. Enneagram & Relationships. Gratitude.

I love Annie F. Down's books and her podcast so I loved hearing her with Amy Brown discuss her new book (and why next fall might be a book drought), her love for the Enneagram, and life as a podcaster.

What are you currently listening to?
Any posts you want to see for Blogmas?

Merry Blogmas,
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