01 October 2019

Amazon Purchases: August & September

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Hey y'all,

I love when people share their Amazon purchases since it often prompts me to add items to my cart for gifts or my home. I don't often prime a lot of items but I always grab a few items here and there especially for the convenience of some two day shipping. Here's what I ordered in the last two months.
My old home shredder died and I wanted to finally tackle lots of paperwork so I ordered this one from Amazon and had a shredding party one weekend.

I love Emily Ley's previous books and I am excited to read this one that focuses on simple and slow. The book comes out in November.
I have a full bed in my room but my new air mattress is a Queen so I was on the hunt for good Queen sheets that where soft but not crazy expensive since they will only be used a few times a year. This set is so soft and fit perfectly over my deep mattress.
I received beef thins in a swag bag earlier in the year and gave them to my Dad as part of his snack basket for Father's day since he loves beef jerky. He told me he loved these so when there was a 30% off coupon I ordered a case to be delivered to my parent's house since he heads on a fishing trip next week.
I've loved Rebekah Lyon's for years and I am excited for this book that will arrive today that focuses on four rhythms and how when we are out of rhythm we are filled with anxiety and searching to get back in balance. This will be on my to read list this weekend.
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Now that stadiums are requiring clear bags for safety I was on the hunt for a clear bag for gamedays. This one is affordable at under $20 and held everything I needed for the  game.

I have always been wary of mandoline slicers as I have had a friend slice her finger and go through months with a bandage. I grabbed this to help make meal prep easier especially with making Sweet Potato Nachos this week.

What have you purchased from Amazon lately?



  1. I had a mandolin but rarely used it so I got rid of it.. but I kind of regret that now. With our air fryer it would be great to make our own chips.

  2. Great finds this month. I love the clear bag and also all the books you mentioned. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  3. Love madolines! And that clear bags and the books


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