20 September 2019

Five on Friday {September 20}

Hey y'all,

Sorry to disappear all month. September this year is jam packed with family, friends, events, and appointments. I also happened to catch a terrible cold from my little sister this week so I was relying heavily on modern medicine, tea, tissues, and cough drops but I am almost completely on the mend. I'm ready for a calmer weekend as I have no plans this Friday except to make a trip to Trader Joe's tonight after work (and wash/disinfect everything in my house). Here are five things I am loving this week.

one. Abide & BSF.

My Fall bible studies have officially started and I am excited to dig into the word with wonderful groups of women. On Monday nights, I attend Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) and we are studying Acts and Letters of the Apostles this year. I think it is going to be a great study into the start of the church and a reminder that we are called to go and be witnesses to the ends of the earth. On Thursday nights at my church, I will be doing the Jen Wilkin study Abide on 1, 2, and 3 John. I loved the Jen Wilkin study I did last fall with the women's discipleship group at church and I'm ready to really dig into these texts.

two. Best Friend Long Weekend.

My best friend, Ariana, made the trip out from the west coast to spend a long weekend here in NC. She has not spent a lot of time in NC since graduating college since her family moved out of state. It was also her first time really exploring the triangle.
We spent Sunday-Wednesday essentially on a food tour around the area along with some walks at the Duke Gardens, Lake Lynn, a Barre3 class, and lots of time just hanging out. Ariana's bestie from med school is a resident here so it was fun to all hang out together since we haven't all been together since her wedding two years ago!

three. Come to the Table.

Saturday night I am headed to the Come to the Table tour with Annie F. Downs, Angie Smith, and Danielle Walker. I love all three authors and can't wait for a night of laughter, learning, and the Lord. I met Danielle back in January for her book tour but I am so excited to meet Annie and Angie since I love their books and Annie's podcast.
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four. Family Time.

This past weekend my little sister, Kate, made the trek home from Texas for a visit with the family. Even though she shared her cold with me it was fun to just hang out and enjoy each other's company. We also celebrated my Dad's birthday on Tuesday with a lunch out before I headed back to the Triangle.

five. Hydro Flask.

I bit the bullet and finally purchased a hydro flask. I grabbed the 32oz with the wide mouth and the extra straw lid and it has been such a help in getting my daily water in since I leave it at my bedside over night, bring it everywhere, and can easily fill it with ice at the office.

Other fun things:

Kate's acai bowl. I love an acai bowl for weekend brunches after a barre3 class. I love this simple recipe from Kate.
Also, if you have littles, this is the cutest idea for working parents, take your kid's stuffed animal to work!
I'm loving the shirt of the week on Crazy Cool Threads, it's the perfect color for Fall.
When I got my nails done last week, I chose OPI's Aurora Berry-alis and I think it will be a go-to pink for fall this year.

What's on your weekend to-do list?

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  1. Working on drinking more here too! my boys started the school year with small cold but looks like they are back to normal now.


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