15 August 2019

Favorite Binge Worthy Shows

Hey y'all,

I love a good writing prompt -- can you tell English was my favorite subject in school -- so I am joining Shay and Erika a day late with sharing some of my favorite shows to binge. I love a good variety of shows, from detective/solve the mystery, baking, feel good, and British dramas so these are a little all over the map. Feel free to share show recommendations in the comments!

Gilmore Girls
A classic that I have the DVDs to and watch whenever I need some feel-good background show. You can catch up on all the family drama of Lorelei and Rory on Netflix.

Queer Eye
Take out your tissues and watch how five men enter into the hero's lives for a week and transform not just their appearance and homes but outlook. This reboot is a Netflix original and has four seasons out already in the last two years.

The Great British Baking Show
If you are not a GBBO fan, I am not sure we can be friends. I love this feel good competition and I have even watched the American holiday spin off and some of the Canadian episodes as well. It originally aired in the states on PBS but you can catch up on Netflix.

Rizzoli and Isles
One of my favorite detective shows, set in Boston, Rizzoli is a detective and Isles is the medical examiner. They are best friends, solve crimes, and have hysterical personal lives. Originally on TNT but all seven seasons are on Hulu.

The Devil has decided to come to earth permanently and is living life in LA. He meets with a detective and begins assisting in her cases. It was originally on Fox but has been picked up by Netflix and just aired a new season.

Downton Abbey
British drama - count me in. The Crawley family are transitioning to life after the tragedy of the Titanic. It's a family drama that spans many years and historical events and shows how an aristocratic family deals with the change in British society. I love both the "upstairs" and "downstairs" characters. Originally ITV/PBS now on Amazon Prime and the movie will release later this year!

Schitt's Creek
A rich family loses everything due to a terrible financial advisor but are able to keep the town they bought as a joke. Moving into the town's motel, Moira, Johnny, and their two kids, David and Alexis, learn to be a real family with their newfound poverty. Its a wonderful comedy and Moira's wigs are the best. I am patiently waiting for Netflix to have season 5 as season 6 is the final season.

A British drama based off the book series, the show follows Captain Ross Poldark as he returns to Cronwall after the American Revolutionary War to find his father is dead and his love married someone else. It's final 5th season is currently airing in Britain but you can catch up on the first 4 seasons on Amazon Prime and season 5 will air on PBS beginning September 29th!

Other shows to watch: Elementary, The In-Between, The Royals, Leah Remini Scientology and the Aftermanth, Eureka, and Hart of Dixie.

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, Let̢۪s look at your favorite BINGE SHOWS!



  1. I have only seen gilmore girls and Schitt's Creek. Both are good!!!

  2. I was just thinking the other night that I missed Rizzoli and Isles. Two fun actresses to watch and the shows were good entertainment. Always up for some Schitt's Creek and Gilmore Girls! I will be showing my age but the original Poldark that was aired in the seventies (maybe) was somewhat different in its portrayal of Ross as well as his relationship with Demelza. I thought it was outstanding and had to read the books.


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