27 August 2019

Ten on Tuesday {10 Non-Fiction Books On My To Read List this Fall}

Hey y'all,

Now that school is back in session here I am craving some routine. I actually wrote out a morning an evening routine last week and while it has not been perfect, I am working towards that routine as a form of preparing well for the day.

One thing in my evening routine is at least 30 minutes of reading without any distractions - TV off, phone plugged in across the room, etc. So since I always had reading lists in school here are 10 non-fiction books on my to read list before 2020.

Cozy Minimalist Home

In His Image

Chasing Slow

Looking for Lovely

Come Matter Here

When Less Becomes More

The Nesting Place

Rhythms of Renewal



If you notice, most of these books are about thinking about rhythms, less stuff, simplicity and making time to reflect on my purpose. 

I would love to hear more suggestions of non-fiction reads to add to my list.


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  1. Definitely going to check out Chasing Slow and Rhythms of Renewal!


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