13 August 2019

Show Us Your Books {July Reads}

Hey y'all,

It's another month down and more books have been read. Even though I tend to read a lot of romance in the summer, this month included a mix of all sorts of genres.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

This was my book club's selection for June but I didn't technically finish it until July 1st. This science fiction novel begins with April May returning to work at 3am since she forgot something and on the way back from the train discovers a giant ten-foot sculpture. She quickly calls her friend Andy and they make a video calling it a Carl and attempting to interview it. The next day, the video is viral and April discovers there are Carls throughout the world that all appeared at the same time. The book discusses fame and social media spotlight all while we discover are the Carls good or here for menacing purposes. While it is in the genre of SciFi, this book is very focused on relationships and how societal pressures affect them. 4/5 stars.

Watching You - audiobook

Watching You
I really enjoyed Lisa Jewell's Then She Was Gone, so I was excited to pick up this audiobook. The novel takes place in Melville Heights, one of the nicest neighborhoods in Bristol, England. Joey Mullen, a young woman, recently married is living with her brother and sister-in-law in one of the painted houses. Her new neighbor includes Tom Fitzwilliam, the acclaimed headmaster of the local school, his wife, and young son, Freddie. While Joey develops a crush on top at first sight, the novel also includes interviews with the local police following a crime. Told in various perspectives of those living in the town, the novel is filled with twists and turns as you try to discover the crime, the criminal, and who is watching whom in the small town. 4/5 stars.

Waiting for Tom Hanks

If you are me and enjoy romantic comedy movies, I would recommend you pick up Waiting For Tom Hanks. There are a lot of rom-com references as Annie, a twenty-seven year old writer and hopeful screen play writer is given the opportunity to work on the set of a film in her Ohio hometown. I don't want to give too much away from this sweet and predictable rom-com except that I am already looking forward to the next Kerry Winfrey novel since it will involve Annie's best friend, Chloe. 4/5 stars.

A Princess in Theory

I was excited to read A Princess in Theory after seeing the series through Bookstagram posts. The romance book genre does not have a lot of POC writers or main characters that are POC. The book involves Naledi, a graduate student working on her epidemiology degree who receives multiple emails that she is the betrothed to an African Prince. Naledi believes these emails are spam and she does not have time between her lab work, job, and studying. However, Prince Thabiso is real and is the sole heir to Thesolo. He flies to New York to meet Naledi who he believes is the same little girl he was betrothed to before her parents disappeared from the country more than 20 year ago. A bit of royalty, smart fun leads, and a bit of a mystery make for a great start to a trilogy.

The Night Circus - audiobook/eBook

This was the July book club selection and I was excited since the Night Circus has been on my list for years. The circus of dreams arrives without warning and is mysteriously without color - just black and white only open at night. Behind the circus though, unbeknownst to most, Marco and Celia are dueling young magicians who have been selected for this battle since they were young. Their battle involves talent versus those that have studied the craft. However, the game on the ground of the circus involves more than just the two of them and you become involved in knowing the other character's lives and how they will be affected by the game. I started the book as an audiobook but was not captivated, however, once I moved to an eBook I finished the book within a few days. It was easier to keep up with the different time periods with the eBook rather than the audio. 3.5/4

None Like Him: 10 Ways God is Different Than Us

My small group read None Like Him over the month of July, and I technically read the final chapter last night. Whoops, I got a bit behind! The book discusses ten attributes that only God possess like unlimited knowledge, authority, etc. Sin comes from our desire to be like God in these ways. Each chapter is a different attribute that delves into the attribute, how we rebel and attempt to have that attribute, and why it's a good thing that only God exhibits these things. Each chapter includes some verses to read and 4-5 questions to journal or discuss with a group. I am excited to read the companion book, In His Image which includes ten attributes that we are like God since we are made in His image. 

A Duke By Default

The second book in the Reluctant Royals series, this book follows Portia to Scotland. She has decided to turn over a new leaf and really focus on her internship in marketing at a swordsmith's. However, while researching Portia to help add the history of the armory to the website, she discovers that Tavish, the cute Scotish owner she has been avoiding is a Duke! Portia quickly uses her socialite skills to help Tavish learn the ropes of being a Duke and might fall in love with the divorcee in the process.

What did you read in July?

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  1. I have An Absolutely Remarkable Thing here and I need to read it!

  2. I currently am Reading In His Image and really enjoying it! Also, I loved The Night Circus, it was a challenging read at some points because it's different than what I normally read, but it's a book that has stuck with me.

  3. I have the lisa jewell on my list. I tend to really enjoy her books so Im glad this one was a good read.

  4. I want to read Hank Green's book - I just love him.
    I was halfway through Watching You when it got taken back by the library (it was an e-book haha) so I'm hold again. LOL
    I own Waiting for Tom Hanks so hopefully I can read that soon.


  5. I thought The Night Circus was very clever.

  6. I had a Princess in Theory checked out a few months ago but was in the midst of a reading slump (still am in a bit of one) so I sent it back unread. It might be time to give it a try again. And agree - there are too few POC writers (and lead characters) in the romance genre.

  7. i liked the princess book but LOVED the duke by default book. love love love. waiting for tom hanks was super cute and i am really excited for the next one. watching you is on my list!

  8. I liked Hank's book. I think there's supposed to be a sequel.

  9. I keep hearing such good things about Waiting for Tom Hanks! I need to read that one soon.

  10. OK just requested Watching You from my library! I like Lisa Jewell so I am excited to read this. I read None Like Him last summer :)


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