09 August 2019

Four on Friday {August 9}

Hey y'all,

We made it to Friday! I am ready for a quiet weekend of reading, walking, and getting boba tea with a friend. I also will be making a Goodwill trip and hopefully adding to my Poshmark closet since I am in the middle of a closet purge.

one. Emily Ley's When Less Becomes More.

I was lucky enough to make it into the Launch team for Emily Ley's new book, When Less Becomes More. I loved both Grace Not Perfection and A Simplified Life, her previous two books. This book is about overwhelm and feeling burned out. It also talks about what we turn to when we feel overwhelmed. Emily shares more about her book in a Facebook live here. While the book does not come out until November, you can pre-order the book already!

two. Amazonian Clay Mask.

I have been recommended this clay mask for over a year. However, I was told to hold off on face masks from my dermatologist while we were helping heal my skin. I took about a 10 month break from masks but I decided to pick this one out while at Whole Foods on Tuesday with a friend. It is just clay that you mix with vinegar. I used about 1/2 a tablespoon of each (clay and vinegar) and applied with a paint brush and I loved how my skin felt after. For under $10 I would recommend you try this out as it will last for awhile.
Aztec Secrets: Indian Healing Bentonite Clay, 1 lb (3 pack)

three. Speechless.

If you have seen the new Aladdin movie in theaters, I recommend you watching this video of the woman who is in the role of Jasmine in Aladdin on Broadway sing Speechless.

four. Happy Anniversary!

This weekend is my parent's 40th wedding anniversary! I was talking to my Mom yesterday and they don't have any major plans. It's crazy to think my Mom and Dad met when my Mom was only 19. Four kids later, now retired, and they still want to be together. Thanks for being the best role models!

In case you missed a post, Monday I shared my goals for August. Wednesday, I shared a work wear post. Yesterday, I shared things I am currently watching, wondering, and ordering

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  1. 40 year?!?! That is AWESOME! Happy anniversary to your sweet parents!

  2. I've heard really good things about the Indian Healing Clay! You'll have to let me know if it makes a difference with pimples (my constant battle).


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