02 August 2019

Five on Friday {August 2}

Hey y'all,

It's Friday! Yesterday felt like a Friday to me so I am excited we actually made it to the weekend. This weekend should be pretty quiet for me as I am hanging out at a friend's house with her pup and teaching my PreK class at church. No other major plans. As usual, here's five favorites of the week:

one. Ariana.

Today's my best friend's birthday! Which also means it's my half birthday! If you divide the year in half (182.5 days) and count vs just looking at 6 months from your birthday, we discovered our birthdays are exactly half a year apart. While we won't be celebrating since she is off being an amazing OB/GYN resident on the west coast, I am excited for her to visit NC in September.
 Homecoming our Senior Year of High School
 At her wedding reception in 2017

two. Simplified planner.

It's officially August which means I have moved over into my new Simplified planner. This is my fourth year with a Simplified planner and I am excited for a new blank planner to be filled with lots of fun. The academic Simplified planners are 25% off right now if you need to grab a new planner for the School year!

three. Finn.

I'm pet sitting for friends this weekend and Finn cuddles last night were a favorite. Typically Finn takes 24 hours to warm up to me after his parent's left but he was by my side last night and this morning while I did my quiet time.
Max even wanted to jump in my bag for the weekend. Don't worry, I plan on visiting him tomorrow and then I am home on Sunday.

four. One Year.

It's officially been one year since my car accident. I'm grateful that no one was seriously hurt and my parents were able to come up and help me in so many ways as I also moved that same weekend. Here's to a year of being reminded that life is quick and to be grateful for all of my blessings - working air bags, health, job, home, etc.

five. Tea Stop.

Saturday after Barre3 I ran a few errands - Nordstrom returns, Target, the library, Harris Teeter, etc. and I treated myself to some McAlister's half sweet/half unsweet tea afterwards. I think this might be a new Saturday morning tradition.

PS. GIVEAWAY If you did not see my post on Tuesday, head over and leave a comment for a chance to win a set of the new Cultivate What Matters Bible Book Tabs.

Other favorites:
Dillards has a lot of Draper James marked down like this gorgeous dress under $55 and this lace white dress at $100 off.
Andrea posted about these Meatloaf balls recently and they are going on this week's meal plan.
I am working on paying the last of my debt (car loan after the accident) and follow Dave Ramsey's plan. This month there is a challenge to pay off $1,000 to win $2,500. Learn more here.
I went and saw Aladdin on Tuesday night with a friend and while it changed a bit from the original it was a great film and I remembered all the words to the songs that played. #Disneykid

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What is your favorite Disney song?



  1. I love the throw back photo of you and Ariana! Happy Birthday to you! Finn is so cute! Is he a bichon?


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