16 August 2019

Five on Friday {August 16}

Hey y'all,

It's the weekend! While a pretty quiet week over here, we are only four weeks away from my calendar changing to be filled with events after school. As always, I am sharing five things this Friday that have made my week.

one. Chick-Fil-A macaroni and cheese.

On Wednesday night I tried the new menu item at CFA of macaroni and cheese. I was pleasantly surprised. It's a great macaroni and cheese. That said, I love CFA waffle fries so I will probably stick to fries when grabbing my grilled chicken sandwhich but it's a great option for kids who love macaroni and chicken nuggets.

two. McQueen.

Last night I watched the documentary, McQueen, about Alexander McQueen's life. I love a documentary especially about the fashion industry. It is on the darker side as it captures McQueen's shows, life, and interviews with friends and family. Other great fasion documentaries include The September Issue, The First Monday in May, The True Cost, and Dior & I.
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three. Intuitive Eating.

I am currently reading Intuitive Eating which I picked up at the library. I am working with my dietitian to help resolve my relationship with food without any dieting and journaling through the book. It has been really helpful in honing in on some of my food issues and I am really seeing a difference in how I view food as that food - no assigning value as "good food," "bad food," "cheat foods," etc.

four. Closet Purge.

This weekend I decided to really look at my closet and identify only pieces that I love and use currently. While I love some of my skirts, I never reach for them especially since I now work in a casual environment. I sorted everything out and I feel really good about the pieces that I have approved to stay. Everything else is either going on Poshmark or being donated depending on it's condition. #capsulewardrobe

five. Saranoni blanket.

I first heard about Saranoni blankets from Andrea and thought they were very expensive for a blanket, however, during Prime day, I picked up one on sale and fell in love. It also worked out that a few days later, they had a mystery bundle sale where you could grab two blankets for a steal of a price. Max and I have been enjoying lots of snuggles with these blankets.

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  1. Those are my favorite blankets. I had no idea they were on prime. And I sooo want to try the mac from Chick-fil-A, but I LOVE their waffle fries.


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