05 August 2019

August Goals

Hey y'all,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend despite the tragedies on the news. I am heartbroken for California, Texas, and Ohio. It especially hit close to home as my little sister lives in El Paso not far from the shootings and was luckily on the other side of town. I know not all families were that lucky and I am praying for the families and heartbroken over the government's lack of response to change policies. As always love over hate. 

Here is my planned post for today regarding my monthly goals. 

July goals recap:

read off my bookshelves. This didn't happen this month. While I kept my library reading list low and didn't add any new holds, I read only one book from my bookshelf and ended up reading seven books total for the month. The only book from my shelves was None Like Him which I read with my small group.
deep clean my apartment. Thanks to my staycation I deep cleaned my apartment. While there is always something else to clean, I went through paperwork, cleaned and organized under my bed, went through my closet to add to my Poshmark pile, etc.

enjoy the Duke Lemur Center with my parents.  My parents and I really enjoyed our Walking with Lemurs tour of one of the natural enclosures of the Duke Lemur Center. you can see some of the photos I took here.
spend one Sunday at the pool all day. This didn't happen. I did make it to the pool twice this month but with pet-sitting, book club, and supper club meetings on Sundays it didn't work out this month. One of the times I was at the pool though I got in some good pool reading.
complete the foundations of the bible - Old Testament. I really am enjoying this plan and although I have missed a few days I just have three left to catch up in the OT and two in the NT plan for August. I have been pairing this reading with my Cultivate What Matters Cultivate Gratitude journal.

August goals.

daily quiet time. my small group paired up at our last meeting so we have a buddy for accountability with our quiet times. It has been encouraging to learn what someone else is getting from their daily time in the word. I am working to finish the New Testament plan of the Foundations of the Bible from Sweet Tea Ministries.

read two books from my bookshelves. Moving this goal from June to help clear out some "to be read" books from my shelves. I have books from the Wake County Library Sale back in May, the book swap this month, and two new books from Barnes and Noble I had pre-ordered to choose from.

cook four new recipes. I really enjoy cooking and hope to get back at it by incorporating some new recipes. This week I am going to make Andrea's Meatloaf Balls with ground chicken instead. I already had all of the ingredients in my kitchen.

serve with my small group. This month our church hosts ServeRDU which is a week of service all throughout the area. It is one of my favorite weeks of the year and this year my small group is signed up to serve our local law enforcement. I am excited to show appreciation to our local officers as well as volunteer with my small group friends.

spend one Sunday completely off social media. I would like to challenge myself to a day without scrolling. While I enjoy checking in on friends, I think it would be good to take a complete break one Sunday and focus on self care - reading, exercising, praying, etc.

What is one of your goals this month?

Also, have you entered to win a set of Bible book tabs? Check out my post from Tuesday and leave a comment to enter.


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  1. Thankful your sister was safe from the tragic events. I think I'll share your challenge of staying off social media one day! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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