08 July 2019

July Goals

Hey y'all,

I thought that I would blog last week but I took my staycation literally and filled my days with good food, barre class, naps, reading, and the pool. So, it's time to get back to the blog and my goals for this month that I planned to post last week. Whoops. I still cannot believe we are halfway to 2020!

June Goals recap:

intentional quiet time in the morning.
This did not happen. Sometimes I would read my bible before bed and there were some days when I didn't even crack it open. I hope to be more intentional with my time in the word this month.

get a handle on paperwork.
I did it! During my staycation I emptied all of the drawers that collect paperwork and filed them away. I also cleaned out my files and I have a bag of paperwork to shred since my shredder died before this weekend.

I really enjoyed spending time with the kids from my church during our vacation bible school the last week of June. It was hectic going straight from work to church but worth it to see my class of rising 1st graders learn more about our great God and need for a Savior.

make at least three new recipes.
This was a fail. I was not in a big mood to cook most of June and ate a lot of meals out!

complete my 2013 and 2014 Chatbooks.
I did not complete my 2013 or 2014 chatbooks since I am still working on transfering photos from my old laptop to the chatbook system. I hope to finish this project in July.

community/time with friends.
As a single woman, it's so important to continue to build community and time with friends in this season. This month I tried to spend at least one meal a week with friends and sometimes it was a few meals. I love getting to connect with my friends and learn about their lives and current struggles. It's always a great time to get together to grow your community and support one another.

July goals:

read off my bookshelves. 
I cut off placing library holds June 1st from the library so I am focused on finishing up my library books and getting around to reading some books on my shelves.

deep clean my apartment.
I worked on deep cleaning my space during my staycation but there are still some more tasks like organizing my laundry room shelves, cleaning the baseboards and ceiling fans, etc.
enjoy the Duke Lemur Center with my parents.
Yesterday, we went to the Duke Lemur Center for my mom's Mother's Day gift, a walking with lemurs tour. We went to one of the nature enclosures where a family of ring-tailed lemurs and sifaka lemurs were given breakfast. It was a great tour and we saw a few other lemurs that were out on display at the end of the tour as well.

spend one Sunday at the pool all day.
Since I attend church on Saturday evenings I plan to spend one Sunday lazily by the pool with no housework on the to-do list.

complete the foundations of the bible - Old Testament.
I started this plan from Sweet Tea Ministry. It walks through the Old Testament in one month and then the New Testament the following month. I like that the readings are not cumbersome and since it is a five day a week reading plan, if you skip a day it is easy to catch back up. There is even a weekly discussion podcast here.

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  1. I really need to try Chatbooks! And toss that baked ziti on your menu for July and you can cross off one of the new recipes! ;) Have a great week!


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