19 July 2019

Five on Friday {July 19}

Hey y'all,

We made it to Friday! I am so glad we made it to the weekend, between covering for a co-worker, on boarding meetings, and pet-sitting I have had a hectic week. This weekend is not going to be a slow one but it is filled to the brim with lots of fun! I am excited for some barre3 and brunch with friends on Saturday, then Sunday my book club and supper clubs are meeting so I will be seeing lots of friends and completing laundry, grocery shopping, and giving Max Cat all the snuggles he missed out on while I was away this week. Here are some things I am loving this week.

one. Book Swap.

On Wednesday night I attended a sweet book swap hosted by Emily. The event was really well done and I got to chat with one of my sorority sisters and reconnect with a girl from my high school.
Each woman brought at least one but up to five books to swap. We then wrote out cards with questions like 3 words to describe the book and who I recommend this book to and placed the cards in our books.
The books I brought
They were then categorized into fiction, non-fiction, and miscellaneous. After everyone arrived, completed their book card and had snacks, we all introduced ourselves, answered a bookish question and pitched one of the books we brought. Then the swap began. You grabbed the same number of books you brought.
The books I snagged.
We went home with our books and sweet book worms as a parting gift.

two. McAlister's Free Tea Day.

Yesterday was the annual McAlister's Deli Free Tea Day. I love iced tea and it is always one of my favorite days to stop in and grab a free drink and dinner. Even though free tea day is over for the year, I highly recommend their ice tea or celebrating this week by making a gallon of iced tea at home to enjoy with this very hot weather!

three. Coffee dates with friends.

One of my friends is now working 10 minutes from my office. This week we met up at Starbucks during lunch with another one of our mutual friends who works in the same area. It was a nice break during such a hectic work week. I also tried out the guava iced tea lemonade and loved it.

four. Shelby.

My sweet friend Shelby is off on an adventure. Yesterday she started her journey abroad to teach at an international school for the next two years. I cannot believe that she will no longer be just a 7 min drive from my place for a quick dinner, tv night, or ice cream run.
Shelby is actually one of my grandlittles from PBX and I have been blessed by her friendship. Luckily we have technology like Whats App and Skype to keep up with each other even with the time change.

five. Air Conditioning.

It is very hot and humid here in NC right now and I am loving the A/C especially since my floor of the office was without air for most of Monday. I luckily was wearing a dress rather than my go-to long sleeves in the summer and borrowed a fan from a co-worker who is on vacation.It really makes you appreciate some modern conveniences when the heat index is over 100.

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What does your weekend look like?


  1. The way that table is decorated is so cool and creative!

  2. The book swap is such a clever and interesting idea! I love that!


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