04 June 2019

June Goals

Hey y'all,

Last week I posted my summer bucket list but today I am breaking that down and focusing on June's goals. Here in NC, the heat wave has broken and we are back to only 80-degree temps rather than the 100 degrees last week. Also, I somehow picked up an ear infection and I am working on healing through antibiotics.

intentional quiet time in the morning. I often sneak in my devotional throughout the day but with a quieter summer schedule, I want to get in the habit of quiet time from 6:45am-7:20am. During this time I want to read my devotion for the day, pray through my prayer journal, and complete an entry in my write the word journal. Starting my day in prayer and the Word always sets a great intention for the day.

get a handle on paperwork. I am terrible about opening paperwork and knowing it needs to be filed, then adding it to a desk drawer. One of my goals this month is to purge my desk in prep for painting it and corraling my paperwork into my files or shredding what is no longer needed.

VBS. The last week of the month is VBS and my goal this month is to connect with the kids and volunteers I will serve with that week. VBS is always a busy week and I am hoping to be able to take pauses and focus on the mission of helping kids learn about the Lord and fall in love with His grace and mercy.

make at least three new recipes. I am terrible about cooking in the summer since who wants to turn on their oven when it hits 100 degrees. I am hoping to try out some new fun salad recipes and crockpot recipes this month to work towards my summer goal of 8 new recipes.

complete my 2013 and 2014 Chatbooks. I started making yearbooks for myself and have completed 2010-2012. Starting in 2013 I have photos on my old laptop that I need to collect and add to the pages I have already begun on Chatbooks. I have already started books 2013-2019 with Instagram and FB photos but I would like to add others that are on my old machine.

community/time with friends. It's official that one of my close friends is moving around the world for a job next month. I want to make sure I spend quality time with her in the last few weeks here in NC before her travels and our facetime talks begin. I also want to plan dinners or lunches with a few friends for cultivating friendships.

What's one of your goals this month?

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