10 June 2019

Happy Birthday Max Cat!

Hey y'all,

Yes, today marks my cat's 7th birthday. It is crazy to think Max joined our family in December 2012. I adopted him from my parents back in November of 2016. I thought I would share some of Max's favorites today in honor of his birthday.
Max Cat now
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Baby Max Cat when he was 6 months old.


Brown Paper Bags. 
He is not one to walk into a brown paper bag but he loves to lounge on them. I typically have at least one if not two brown paper bags on my apartment floor for him to lay on. Trader Joe's and Fresh Market bags are his favorites.

His current favorites are from when I order bubly water in the case size from Boxed.

Meowbox baguette mini kicker
Max got a Meowbox for his 6th birthday and this is still his favorite toy. Who doesn't love bread?

Glitter pom pom balls.
Max usually plays fetch with his mini pom pom balls or he will kick at them. We sometimes go sparkly ball hunting around my apartment to find where they have all gone to (under the couch, behind the cedar chest, etc.).


Automatic feeder
Yes, I am spoiled and my cat is fed twice a day without my batting an eye. This started with my parent's as my Dad would feed the cats at 5am before he left for work and then they expected the same 5am breakfast on the weekends. It is super helpful for when I take weekend trips or I am on vacation as my pet sitters are only needed to give Max love, water, attention, and head rubs. Max is fed twice a day at 5am and 5pm and then I feed him a pinch of food in the mornings when I wake up at 6:30am.

Max does not usually discriminate for treats. I usually grab him these greenies that help with clean teeth, these that help with his coat, or on occasion, I deviate from Greenies and he gets some PartyMix or sticks. Max gets treats every Thursday morning for #TreatYourselfThursday.

Special Dinner.
Max gets wet food at least once a week called Special Dinner Saturday. It's his favorite night of the week and I get a talking to from him if I somehow forget.

Scratching post.

So those are some of Max Cat's favorites in honor of his 7th birthday. Today will be filled with treats, an extra special dinner night, and cuddles on the couch.
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  1. Loved reading about him! What a little cutie! Happy birthday, Max!

  2. Happy belated birthday, Max! My cats love the sparkly pom pom balls too!


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