07 June 2019

Five on Friday {June 7}

Hey y'all,

It's Friday! I am excited for a weekend to relax at home with no major plans. It is going to be a rainy weekend and I hope I am fully on the mend from the pesky ear infection I got last week. Here are a few things I am currently loving:

one. Royal the German Shepherd.

My parents picked up their German Shepherd puppy earlier this month. I actually took that Friday off work to go with them to the coast to pick up Royal pup. Royal was about 25lbs and just a few days shy of 10 weeks when we picked him up. He is now 31lbs as of Monday and 13 weeks!

two. EnneaSummer.

This month, Annie F. Downs' podcast That Sounds Fun is focusing on the Enneagram. This week she released the twos and threes episode and I loved them both. I am anxiously awaiting the sixes episode though! To learn more about the nine types, I would recommend reading the descriptions on the Enneagram Institute here.

three. Modern Mrs. Darcy Summer Reading Guide.

I am a big reader and love Anne's blog especially this time of year. Anne released her annual summer reading guide with 30 new books a few weeks ago. I actually have already read one, The Accidental Beauty Queen, and I currently have three other titles checked out from the library. She also condensed the guide into a minimalist guide if 30 books seem overwhelming for the short summer months.
Image result for modern mrs darcy summer guide 2019

four. Polar summer water flavors.

I love good sparkling water and in the winter I picked of Polar's seasonal flavors then again when they did a Valentine's selection. Well, the summer flavors have been released and I had a good friend over to taste test them last night as we both enjoy a good bubbly water. The summer flavors include Nectarine Lemon, Blueberry Tangerine, Mango Cherry Bliss, and Rasberry Rose. My favorites were Blueberry Tangerine and Nectarine Lemon.

Five. Blogging Again.

I know I took another long break but I am really enjoying blogging again. I even have next week planned out and some drafts started so I hope to add more consistency over here. Also, this is my 300th post here on the blog! I am even hosting a mini giveaway next week to celebrate summer and blog fun.

Other things:
I'm loving this Smith and Cult nail polish color I grabbed last week on Amazon. This is the brand of polish I get when I go to Paintbase for a mani/pedi.
I'm in love with this Draper James dress. Perfect for UNC football games in the fall. There is also this midi option and this lace dress.
Um, if you have not made this banana bread, you are missing out. It's my go-to and I froze a loaf this week to enjoy later.
If you are a Disney fan, check out this video of people trying to identify a Disney song based on one second.

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What does your weekend look like?
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  1. I just got back from a long blogging break and it's so nice to be back to writing and in the community. That nail polish color is beautiful!


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