28 June 2019

Five on Friday {June 27}

Hey y'all,

It's FRIDAY! I am officially on vacation once it hits 5 pm today. I'm excited for a busy weekend filled with fun and lots of time relaxing over the next few days. As usual, on Fridays, I share five things I have been loving this week:

one. Sleep.

A lot of June has been filled with subpar sleeping and lots of caffine consumed. This past week though, I have been in bed and asleep before 11pm and getting in 8 or so hours of sleep. Blissful! Let's hope this continues in July.

two. Dining Chairs.

I finally settled on a dining chair and ordered the Ingolf chair from IKEA for my dining room. The backstory is that my dining table was actually my grandparent's table and my dad sanded and refinished it a few years ago. Dining chairs can be so expensive and finding a chair that is a similar color as my table has been impossible. The shipping from IKEA online was only $10 for the chairs and while they are darker than my table, I still love them.

three. DebtKickin Mom.

I discovered DebtKickin Mom this week thanks to the Rachel Cruze show. She is a mom of four who shares about her debt free journey and zero waste meal planning. I have watched a lot of her Youtube videos this week and I am going to try her meal planning method in July.

four. Scrubee.

While my Big, Shannon, was in town a few weeks ago we stopped into Lush. She wanted to look at their shampoo and conditioner options and I was out of bath bombs. However, we both picked up the Scrubee. This is a body butter bar that you use after you cleanse your body that has exfoliating almond and coconut shell with cocoa & Shea butters to hydrate.
Image result for lush scrubee


Flights are booked and both my baby sister, Kate, and my best friend, Air, are coming to visit in September! It is going to be a busy month but I'm excited to see them both since I have not seen them since October last year. Kate lives in West Texas and Air is in her residency in California.

Other fun.
If you want to understand how I think, listen to the EnneaSummer Sixes episode from Annie F. Downs that came out on last Monday.
On Saturday I purchased my first kimono from LOFT and work it to work on Monday. I now have my eye on this one to add to my summer wardrobe.
If you are like me and need to stay away from dairy (silly lactose intolerance), check out this post of ratings of different dairy-free ice creams.
I discovered Tig Notaro's new series, Under A Rock, this week. Tig is a comedian that doesn't pay much attention to popular culture so she interviews individuals and tries to figure out who they are during the conversation. They are funny under 10 min videos here.

Also, congratulations to Danielle who won my giveaway from June 14th's Five on Friday post! I can't wait for you to receive your O-venture key ring.

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What does your weekend look like?


  1. I have had some trouble sleeping this past month as well and I love your dining room set up!

    Happy Friday!


  2. With you on the subpar sleeping, lady. I'm glad you've been getting some good sleep in lately though! Love your chairs, suuuuch a pretty color! Going to look that woman up on YouTube, also. And so fun you get to see your friends soon! Love Tig Notaro, so I'll have to check that out too.

  3. Love your dining room setup! Good luck on catching up with sleep, hopefully vacation will help with that!


  4. Your dining room chairs look great! Love Lush and that Scrubee sounds amazing!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. I haven't been into Lush in years. I'm going to have to make a trip and try out the Scrubee!

  6. I did FPU in March so I definitely want to check out DebtKicking Mom as I continue to work on financial peace!

  7. I love my O-venture ring! Such a fun giveaway! <3
    Have fun with your friends!

  8. Glad I found your blog.


Thank you for your sweet message!

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