02 May 2019

Throwback Thursday {Eat What You Love Tour}

Hey y'all,

I realized I never recapped my trip to downtown Raleigh for the Eat What You Love Tour back in January. I discovered Danielle Walker back in 2014 when I was on my first Whole30 and I have followed her since my diagnosis of lactose intolerance in February 2015.
Danielle has an autoimmune disorder which is helped by eliminating all grains from her diet. She has a very successful blog called Against All Grain and Eat What You Love is her fourth cookbook.

I purchased the tickets in the Fall to go with my friend Brooke to the book signing as VIP members. The event occurred on Brooke's actual birthday and a week before mine so it was the perfect way to kick off birthday week! Brooke and I were nervous about meeting Danielle after following her journey for so long! We chatted with her about our favorite recipes from her, got all of my books signed, then took a picture all together. Danielle was so sweet and I loved this moment together.

Then we sat down and peaked through our swag bag before heading to eat the samples as the other ticket holders entered the party. The food was amazing! The caterer took three recipes from Danielle's new book. We munched on cauliflower hummus with bare sweet potato chips, sweet potato fries with the New Primal BBQ sauce, and butterscotch pudding and snickerdoodle cookies. I was not a fan of the pudding but I am not a butterscotch fan but those cookies were to die for!
Then everyone sat down for the chat and cooking demo portion. Danielle talked about her journey and began making the snickerdoodle cookies and pudding with Lisa Leake as her guest.
I am also a big fan of Lisa Leake, not only because she is an NC blogger but her cookbooks are filled with quick, simple, meals.
Overall it was a fun night out in downtown Raleigh and I am excited to have met Danielle. I have yet to make anything out of the cookbook, whoops, but my goal is to make something before the end of the month. You can also read Danielle's recap on her blog here. While you are on her blog, I recommend making her chocolate veggie muffins! They are my favorite in the summer.

Have you ever been to a book signing event?

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